On my lunch break I passed some street musicians and decided to say hi. One of them was playing violin, and I told him that I was hoping to put together a string quartet for a few of the songs I’ve recorded. He asked how much I would be able to compensate, and I told him that since it was a low budget affair recorded on my computer in my bedroom, probably not that much. “Well I usually charge $50 a song, but that depends on if it’s something that would require a lot of practice, it might end up being more…” Is this really the going rate around here? Seriously? I could understand if I was recording in a real studio, with the intent of releasing this CD commercially and whatnot… but for a bedroom project done for the fun of it, I really can’t afford $150 for three songs worth of violin. I’m sure there’s someone on craigslist who would do it in exchange for a pizza.