So I’m slowly learning that WordPress is rather odd. Evidently there are two different ways to make a new post, both of which function completely differently and give very different results…

1. Click on the W in the top left corner of the screen. You will be taken to a page with a little block in the middle for a new post, and little icons for photo, video, quote, or link. Underneath the box you type in there’s a button to add tags, then a bunch of links, and underneath that you will see a “live” preview of what you’re posting.

2. Click your “gravatar” in the top right corner. You will be taken to your dashboard, which has a section for adding a new post. When you click on that, the dashboard will stay in place and to the right of it will be a box to type in. This box has buttons to make the text bold, italic, etc, along with buttons for alignment, links, spell checker, and a bunch of other features that resemble a traditional word processor. The tab at the top right will say visual, but you can switch to html and enter in code manually.

For some reason when I do things using method #1, any tags or categories I add don’t stick and I have to go back in and edit them later. When I use method #2 none of my links or pics post unless I enter the html code for them manually. I’m not sure I understand why there are two ways to add a new post in the first place, let alone why they’re so very different and each suited for some things and not for others. I think they’re just trying to be complicated. Or they figure if they make things confusing then people will bitch about it, which will lead to more blog posts and more hits.