Some of you may know that I currently work two jobs. The job I like to consider my main job, the I-actually-enjoy-coming-to-work-and-somewhat-use-my-degree job is working at an art supply store downtown. My other job, which I’ve had much longer, currently work fewer hours at, and am growing increasingly tired of, is working at a gas station. Usually it’s a pretty fast paced and stressful environment, but this is our slow time of year and things have been pretty boring lately.

Taped to the registers is a little piece of paper with two years typed on it. If someone is born on or before today’s date in the given year, they are old enough to legally purchase alcohol or tobacco, depending on which date you’re looking at. When the new year rolled around, the dates needed to change. Now someone born on today’s date in 1991 can buy alcohol and in 1994 can buy cigarettes (god I feel old!) Rather than taking a few minutes to print up a new piece of paper with new dates on it, the manager just grabbed a price gun, put in the numbers for the appropriate years, and stuck a price tag over the old years.

I got bored and decided to add to it a little bit, which resulted in this:



To my surprise, no one seemed to notice. I pointed it out to a few coworkers, who got a good chuckle out of it. The manager never said anything, so either he didn’t see it or he didn’t care. Either way, I felt like when boredom struck again and the time came to add to the second register, I had to up the ante a bit. I tried to think of the most random thing I could, and I decided while I was at it, I might as well make it educational:



Even if no one seems to care about this register modification, at least I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. Let us never forget the drubbing the Brits took on that fateful day in 1066, for without it we’d still be speaking indecipherable Old English babble.