Newt Gingrich won the SC primary.

So apparently in the eyes of conservative religious voters, being a Mormon is a bigger sin than:

A). cheating on your first wife with your future second wife, serving her with divorce papers while she’s in the hospital recovering from cancer treatments, divorcing her because she wasn’t young and pretty enough to be the first lady…

B). cheating on your second wife with your future third wife, asking her to have an open marriage and when she refused continuing to cheat on her anyway (the whole time leading the charge against the president for having an affair) then telling her you want a divorce over the phone…

The difference it seems, to these religious nutjobs, is that Newt has supposedly asked forgiveness. You can be forgiven for doing horrible shit, but you can’t be forgiven for believing the wrong thing. You see kids, Mormonism is a dangerous cult that masquerades as a branch of Christianity. A serial adulterer and all around douchebag can be forgiven, but there’s no way a cultist is fit for office.

Seriously, was I that retarded when I was religious?