Being sick sucks.

I woke up Friday feeling pretty bad, and felt bad most of the day. I woke up Saturday feeling much improved. I went out with my friend and had a pretty good time. But the pizza place screwed up and put sausage on my half. It was under the cheese and not very flavorful, so by the time I saw a piece and realized it I had already eaten two slices. I ended up getting really sick to my stomach, which probably depleted my body of nutrients and electrolytes. When I woke up Sunday morning I felt worse, and felt pretty bad all day at work. I ended up working part of my shift by myself and was just in a pissy mood all day. I’ll most likely call in tomorrow and take advantage of two days in a row of nothing to do. Some sleep would definitely do me some good.

The entire day wasn’t bad however. Duke lost again. At home. I’m really pumped for game Wednesday night. A win over Duke would be a nice redemption for Carolina after their embarrassing performance at Florida State a while back. But if Duke manages to beat Carolina, that would put Florida State in sole possession of first place in the ACC. Did anyone think that was even remotely possible a few months ago? Crazy.

And I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll attempt to make my next blog more interesting, I promise.