As I begin writing this it is currently about 10:15 PM on February 15. Yesterday was that most hated day amongst single people, Valentine’s Day. Like most sane individuals, I hate that day with a passion. My V-day started out innocently enough, with a general air of loneliness hanging around like the cloud that always followed Charlie Brown, yet it didn’t actually start to rain until midway through the day. I had a rather painful conversation with someone and the day started to go downhill from there.

In an attempt to improve my day, I decided to go out with my friend Sarah to a comedy show at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. She brought along a new friend that she is currently crushing on, but oddly enough I didn’t feel like a third wheel and actually had a really good time. The three comics were all pretty good. The opening act was a girl who facetiously donned a Valley Girl type personality, quoting famous philosophers while referring to Fergie as her idol. The second act did a bit about Samuel L. Jackson in the Star Wars prequels, ending with the catch-phrase-in-the-making, “does he look like a Sith?” The headliner was a guy named Dave Stone, a member of the group The Beards of Comedy, who does several voices for the show Squidbillies. I’ll attach a video at the end of this. Needless to say, he was pretty hilarious. All in all, it was a great night out.

Tonight I went out with Charlie again. We went to Modesto in the Grove Arcade, and I must say it was rather amazing. I was in the mood to try something different, and being half Italian, calamari was the logical choice. It wasn’t half bad, although probably not something I would eat all the time. For the main course we had a pizza. But not just any pizza. This one had mushrooms, goat cheese, gigantic artichokes, and a crazy mix of greens on top. It was pretty unbelievable. She took a picture, as soon as she texts it to me I’ll have to post it. It really was that intense. We had a lot of good conversation and laughs, and we decided to get together again probably Tuesday night and watch some Henry Rollins DVD’s.

So there you have it, two really good nights. The key to both of them was laughter. To paraphrase (read: rip off) Reader’s Digest,  laughter really is the best medicine. Yesterday my day went from completely shitty to pretty darn good in just under two hours. Today my fairly good day got kicked up to another level. Then I come home and flip on the TV to find a mini South Park marathon. It doesn’t really matter that a day and a half ago my heart was in my stomach and I wanted to curl up and die. Right now I’m laughing, and it feels damn good. Life is good indeed.

Oh and here’s that video I promised. Enjoy…