Feels like forever since I updated this thing. So for all my concerned readers (this means both of you) here’s a quick recap…..


  • Wake up
  • Drive to Fayetteville
  • Grandpa’s wake, which somehow my lollygagging family managed to stretch to over three hours and the funeral home employees had to kick some of the stragglers out
  • Grandpa was a very active member of the Knights Of Columbus, some of whom showed up with weird hats and swords and did some bizarre ceremonial thing
  • Seeing as how Hawaii was my grandpa’s favorite place in the world (where his ashes will be scattered) it was only fitting that my uncle Ricky led everyone in the singing of a Hawaiian goodbye song
  • Stayed up pretty late and got almost no sleep


  • Grandpa’s funeral – complete with soldiers presenting the flag and firing their rifles (he was a decorated WWII veteran)
  • Spent entirely too much time waiting on my family
  • Drove home, stopping for dinner and for some stupid detour on I40
  • Between dinner on the road, way too much caffeine, and way too little water, I got dehydrated and spent most of the night in the bathroom, getting no sleep yet again


  • Barely managed to wake up in the morning, hitting snooze probably 15 times
  • Drove to work rather than walk and still manage to be late
  • Struggled to stay awake all day
  • Swore to myself that I’m going to bed early, only to wind up hanging out with my neighbor most of the night


  • Had a mostly good day at work, and managed to stay awake this time
  • Grabbed a quick dinner at Burgerworx
  • Went to see my friend Barbie Angell read some of her poems at Tressa’s
  • Got to meet a talented musician who goes by the name Ten Cent Poetry
  • Decided to update my stupid blog


A few random thoughts…..

It never ceases to amaze me how death brings out the best and the worst in people. The past few days were filled with both loving and moving tributes, and family members at each others’ throats arguing over stupid shit and trying to change my grandfather’s will to better reflect their own selfish wants. How exactly can one claim that someone meant the world to them, only to go and argue against his wishes?

The body does strange things when it is sleep deprived and dehydrated. Avoid both of these conditions as much as possible.

My sinuses seem to have drained into my left ear. I feel like I’ve been swimming. One look at the weather forecast is enough to convince me I haven’t.

Don’t you just love that feeling of seeing someone you once dated with someone much much uglier than yourself?

I’ve run out of randomness. I guess that means I’ll wrap this thang up, yo.