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The past few days have been somewhat interesting. Thursday, after the maintenance guy finally came to fix our leaky sink, I went for a little hike. I started on the Parkway, taking the little trail that begins at the Folk Art Center and connects to the Mountains To Sea Trail. Somewhere along the line I decided to diverge from the trail, cross a few roads, and basically wander, until I wound up in someone’s back yard. Fun times.

Evidently this is not the best time of year for an allergy sufferer to go hiking, as I woke up Friday stuffy and sneezing. I took a few big sneezing fits throughout the day and basically felt miserable. And then it rained. I woke up this morning feeling almost 100% better, so I’m guessing the rain washed away enough of the pollen for my sinuses to stop hating me.

Today at work was a pretty awesome day. I spent most of the day working on the True Blue newsletter, something I might start doing on a regular basis. It’s a bit more responsibility than I’ve had, and the interface is a bit clunky, but it’s actually kinda fun, and comes with a potential pay increase, so I can’t complain. In the afternoon the girl from The Chocolate Fetish next door came by and brought us a few free truffles, which were extremely good. On my lunch break I went to the park and checked out the “Really Really Free Market,” which as its name implies, is a market where everything is free. I snagged a book, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.” I’m a big Douglas Adams fan, so this was a pretty good find. And if all that wasn’t enough, later in the day I got to assist what might be the most beautiful girl I’ve met since I moved to Asheville.

Come home to a good dinner and a little relaxing, I think it’s safe to say today has been a good one. Tomorrow is back to the gas station grind, and then a much-needed day off on Tuesday. That’s about it for now…


One day last week I was digging through the free bin at Downtown Books and News and happened across an issue of Rolling Stone from December of last year. The cover story was “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” I’ve been thumbing through it off and on all week and I am consistently disgusted, both at who they included and who they left out. I’m pretty bored, so I figured I might as well do a nice write-up and thoroughly rebuke their list. (In the event you’d like to read the list for yourself, you can check it out here. But now without further ado, allow me to dissect this festering pile of monkey shit that Rolling Stone calls the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time…

Mama always told me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” She also told me “Life is like a box of chocolates.” There’s always a few in the box that are just absolutely horrible, and the second you bite into them you want to vomit. And since that’s kinda how I feel reading most of this list, I think I can ignore mama’s previous advice and say some mean things. But just to be fair, I’ll start with what I actually liked about their list. Continue reading

Well owl be damned…

Last night I drove out to Canton to get that TV from the guy on craigslist. One problem however – it wouldn’t fit in my car. I offered to give him an extra $10 if he put it in his truck and followed me home. He said he’d do it for $20, but he couldn’t do it then because he was getting his brakes worked on and didn’t want to drive that far. We agreed on Tuesday, when I’m off next. So yeah… Not only did my $10 offer get shot down, but I have to wait a few days. Fun times. I guess it’s still cheaper than buying a new TV, and I wouldn’t have had time to go shopping for one until Tuesday anyway. And now that Carolina choked I don’t have anything too important to be watching…

But anywho, enough about that. How about a random cartoon? Perhaps the one that gives this post its title? Yep, sounds like a plan.



Yay for juvenile humor!


*insert Beavis and Butthead laughter here*


I came home from work and went to turn on the Carolina game, only to see a bunch of squiggly lines dancing across my screen. I checked all the connections, tried bypassing my A/B switch, swapped out some cables, and nothing. Evidently my television decided to die today. I’m not really sure why, and it gave pretty much no warning signs. Last night Lucie came over and we watched a movie and everything looked fine, and less than 24 hours later I can’t see crap. Awesome.

I found a TV on craigslist for $50, the guy claims to have a money back guarantee. The down side is I have to drive all the way to Canton, but it will still be cheaper than buying a new one. And probably a little safer than buying something from Goodwill. Of course it will be heavy as fuck, but oh well. Hopefully it will look pretty good and I’ve only lost $50 and a little of my time.

I did manage to listen to the Carolina game, watch the squiggly screen, and follow the game tracker on, so that was better than nothing. They got quite a scare and were really lucky to come out with a win. It should be pretty obvious to everyone now that Kendall Marshall is without a doubt the best point guard in the country and the most important player on the UNC roster. Hopefully he’ll be able to play on Sunday, because if he doesn’t and some people *coughcoughBarnescoughcough* don’t step up in a HUGE way then their season will be over.

I started every paragraph in this entry with the word I. Awesome. And on that note I’ll wrap this up. The End.


One day not so long ago I was in a foul mood. For no apparent reason, it seemed. No one had pissed me off, yet I didn’t want to be around anyone or talk to anyone. I wasn’t sick, sleepy, or anything of the sort. I hadn’t spent any time pondering the horrible state of the world and the inevitable decline of western civilization. I was just in a bad mood and I couldn’t figure out why. As I walked home from work that night I noticed the moon was full.

Yesterday I kept getting frustrated about false start after false start with the pictures I was attempting to work on. Last night I was physically exhausted, yet I couldn’t get to sleep. All day long today I’ve had a splitting headache that just refuses to go away. And I can’t help noticing that yesterday was the vernal equinox.

Maybe in our world of modern medicine we’ve lost touch with something that the ancients understood very well – our connection to the cosmos. We’ve heard countless tales of “lunatics” and “lunacy,” but we dismiss it as obsolete superstition. Science has documented how animals can somehow sense coming storms and earthquakes, but any talk of humans being connected to things greater than ourselves is scoffed at. Maybe there’s something to this. Maybe things like the moon, the seasons, and the universe can and do affect human emotions, health, sleep patterns, and who knows what else. Something to ponder, eh?


I’ve been trying for several days to do some more political drawings, but things haven’t been going very well. Finally I decided to soldier on and I managed to get something I like…

I first drew this piece last night, but the more I shaded and filled in spaces the worse it looked, so I scrapped it. I started anew tonight, but on my first attempt I made the boneheaded mistake of having my graphite paper wrong-side-up, leaving me with no image on the paper and graphite all over my hands. Yay. The second attempt went much better, but when I went to erase any remaining graphite after inking things in, somehow the ball point ink smeared. I covered it up fairly well using a white gel pen, and finally I was finished. Here’s the end product, entitled “Your Half Of The Deal”:



I guess it’s a sort of take on consumerism and advertising. I dunno. I just draw them.

I have about five more images in my head that will hopefully become part of this series, then once I’m finished I’ll start making prints and (hopefully) selling them. But that’s all for now…..


Weekend recap

The past few days at work were… interesting?

Saturday was Saint Patrick’s day. Never really been a holiday I cared much about, but I made sure to wear a green shirt so I wouldn’t have to hear any crap from anyone. I guess between the holiday and a tattoo festival going on, not many people were thinking “art supplies” because we were ridiculously slow. We did have a mysterious leak in the ceiling for a few minutes, so that was something. No word on what caused it, but the maintenance people at the hotel were able to stop it rather quickly. There was a scavenger hunt for the tattoo festival in which supposedly tons of people would come in looking for 0.5 mm leads, but only about five or six people came in. Nice and boring day in art supply land.

Sunday at the gas station was actually a pretty good day. The owner of the club across the street came in to play our “sweepstakes” (read: poker) machines, and when he won $100 he gave me a $10 tip. Not long after that a girl came in to buy two Mountain Dews. We have a special going where all Pepsi products are three for $3, but if you don’t get three they’re regular price. It’s actually cheaper to get three than two. When she said she only wanted two, I managed to convince her to get three and give me the third. Then a woman came in with an adorable puppy that attempted to lick me to death. But all of that was just icing on the cake compared to the real treat of the day – getting to taunt all of the regulars who are Duke fans, while Carolina won with ease.

But the win might be a bittersweet one, seeing as how Marshall fractured a bone in his wrist. Without him Carolina might be done, so hopefully he can play the rest of the tournament. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Other than that today was a pretty good day. Now I think I might get to work on some random drawings…


An uncertain new picture…

I’ve been steadily buying all sorts of different markers over the past few months. I’m not exactly sure why, I don’t use markers very often. Maybe it’s all leading up to some amazing piece.

Today at work I bought a pad of bristol that we had on sale. I got a few random ideas from various things I read and saw on the web, and decided to start a piece. Maybe this would be the aforementioned amazing piece…

But then I found out that bristol doesn’t really like it when you get it wet. So the actual drawing I’m pretty happy with, but the background where I was just essentially filling in space for the hell of it, well it’s all buckled and crumpled and I’m not sure I can accept that. I’m toying with the idea of cutting out the main piece and gluing it to another sheet of (probably colored) paper, but I’m not sure I want to go through all that trouble. Nor am I sure it would turn out well enough to be worth it.

So short story long, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with this piece. But here it is:



I did the main drawing with Sharpie markers. There’s a faint flesh hue in the buildings that doesn’t really show up in this picture. That was done with a Chartpack AD marker. The highlights in the eye were done with a white gel pen. The background stuff is water soluble graphite. The top was me writing “giant squid” in Arabic, but I kinda ran out of room. Then I added some various squiggles and Arabic characters and got it wet and pulled everything around. I guess that’s when it started to buckle.

This might stay the way it is. It might get cut out and used in something else. I might figure out a way to get this paper to straighten up. Who knows. If I ever get completely happy with it I’ll get a good scan and put it on Deviantart or maybe even my portfolio. But for now it’s just gonna hang out here.


March Madness indeed

March is turning out to be quite mad indeed, in more ways than one.

On a personal note, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, for one reason or another. And what should have been a fun evening out tonight got cancelled by the ever elusive Charlie. I resorted to doing Bojangles for dinner, which may not have been the best decision, digestively speaking. But yeah… enough about me.

How about the real Madness? The NCAA Tournament is underway and it’s been pretty insane thus far. First UNCA got totally robbed by horrible officiating, in what should have been the historic first victory of a #16 seed. Then Missouri choked and ruined a full half of my bracket (I had them losing in the championship game. So much for being pissed about getting a #2 seed and playing with a chip on their shoulders.)

But I can take solace in the fact that not only did Carolina win handily, but Duke became the second #2 seed to lose. Hopefully Carolina will win Sunday and make things that much more sweet. But really, Duke has to feel like shit when even NC State goes further in the tournament than they do. It’s a great day to be a Tar Heel.

I guess that’s about it. There’s plenty more I could write about, but I really don’t feel like it. Deal with it.