This morning I went to the doctor for a little checkup. It appears that the combination of niacin and fish oil is doing the trick. My triglycerides were down to 354 (from 760), my HDL was at 35, and my overall cholesterol was 151. The triglyceride numbers are still pretty high compared to “normal,” but they’re a lot better than they were six months ago. My thyroid is right smack in the optimal range, my weight has leveled off for the most part, and my BMI is normal too. To try to bring the triglycerides down further he wants me to increase my dose of niacin, and squeeze in more fish oil if I can, but overall things are looking good.

And now for those of you who aren’t interested in health issues, have a new picture…

“The Flow Of Information”


“…we should’ve known better than to park our ideas in a tow-away zone.”