In my post yesterday I screwed up the name of the movie… it’s actually Dracula’s Daughter. I guess I was thinking about Bride Of Frankenstein and confused the two titles. Whatever. Point is, here’s an actual post about the movie, now that I’ve seen it and can say something about it.

All in all it was a pretty good movie. Not great, not perfect, but good. It was extremely short, clocking in at barely over an hour. This made the tempo feel a bit rushed, and because of this the character development left a lot to be desired. But then again, it’s a horror movie, so I’m sure that wasn’t one of the primary concerns of the filmmakers. There was a lot of humor in the film, and I laughed out loud several times, but it almost felt like two different movies – the early scenes felt a bit like an Abbot and Costello movie, while the end of the movie was a little closer to Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. I have no problem with humor in horror movies, but if they could have intertwined the two a little more it would have helped the continuity of things. There were a few moments of typical 1930’s overacting, but for the most part everything was well-played.

The Carolina’s upstairs lounge is a great place to see movies, the atmosphere is relaxed and kinda funky and you get the impression that everyone there is a real movie buff. I’m not sure if they have discussions after the Thursday Horror Picture Show or not, but I know they do when they show the Asheville Film Society movies on Tuesday nights, and it’s usually pretty enlightening. We decided not to stick around after the movie, so who knows. Overall it was a pretty fun evening.

I didn’t get to chat very much with my new friend Meghan, there was a little awkwardness around the whole situation. We agreed to get together again sometime, hopefully next time we’ll get dinner or something so we can talk and loosen up a little. But yeah, so anywho, that was my night. Now to find something to do tomorrow night…..