I just recently got home from a late night excursion in the thriving metropolis known as Cullowhee, NC. After I got off work I drove out there to hang out with Lucie, who is a student at Western Carolina University. First we grabbed some dinner, but because I didn’t get off work until 8 and they roll up the pavement around that time, we ended up going to nearby Sylva for food. We ate at this place called O’Malley’s, a typical faux-Irish pub. The food was decent, but definitely not as good as the price tag.

After dinner we headed back to campus, but couldn’t find anywhere to park. I parked in a visitor lot and then we drove around in her car looking for a resident spot. We finally found one way on the other side of campus, then waited for the little shuttle bus to swing by so we wouldn’t have to walk quite as far. But by the time we finally got to her dorm room, it was about an hour before visiting hours ended. We managed to snag a commons room with the help of a friend of hers, and spent the next hour or so watching the first few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It was my introduction to the show, and while it wasn’t exactly life-altering, it was pretty funny. And Allyson Hannigan is extremely hot.

When the show ended we just kinda hung out and talked for a while, until we both started getting tired. By this time it had started raining again, and the walk back to my car was quite a wet one. Driving home wasn’t exactly fun either, what with all the rain, fog, and me being pretty sleepy. But the good news is I’m off tomorrow and have absolutely nothing to do. Which means I’ll probably wake up around 2:30. Then Wednesday I’ll be working again, Thursday is the ever-wondrous laundry day, and depending on if she gets back to me or not, Friday I might finally get to hang out with Charlie again. In my free time between all of that I’m going to attempt to work some more on my portfolio and website, and maybe get back to making a page for my music as well. And I guess that’s really about it. The end.