I’ve been steadily buying all sorts of different markers over the past few months. I’m not exactly sure why, I don’t use markers very often. Maybe it’s all leading up to some amazing piece.

Today at work I bought a pad of bristol that we had on sale. I got a few random ideas from various things I read and saw on the web, and decided to start a piece. Maybe this would be the aforementioned amazing piece…

But then I found out that bristol doesn’t really like it when you get it wet. So the actual drawing I’m pretty happy with, but the background where I was just essentially filling in space for the hell of it, well it’s all buckled and crumpled and I’m not sure I can accept that. I’m toying with the idea of cutting out the main piece and gluing it to another sheet of (probably colored) paper, but I’m not sure I want to go through all that trouble. Nor am I sure it would turn out well enough to be worth it.

So short story long, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with this piece. But here it is:



I did the main drawing with Sharpie markers. There’s a faint flesh hue in the buildings that doesn’t really show up in this picture. That was done with a Chartpack AD marker. The highlights in the eye were done with a white gel pen. The background stuff is water soluble graphite. The top was me writing “giant squid” in Arabic, but I kinda ran out of room. Then I added some various squiggles and Arabic characters and got it wet and pulled everything around. I guess that’s when it started to buckle.

This might stay the way it is. It might get cut out and used in something else. I might figure out a way to get this paper to straighten up. Who knows. If I ever get completely happy with it I’ll get a good scan and put it on Deviantart or maybe even my portfolio. But for now it’s just gonna hang out here.