The past few days at work were… interesting?

Saturday was Saint Patrick’s day. Never really been a holiday I cared much about, but I made sure to wear a green shirt so I wouldn’t have to hear any crap from anyone. I guess between the holiday and a tattoo festival going on, not many people were thinking “art supplies” because we were ridiculously slow. We did have a mysterious leak in the ceiling for a few minutes, so that was something. No word on what caused it, but the maintenance people at the hotel were able to stop it rather quickly. There was a scavenger hunt for the tattoo festival in which supposedly tons of people would come in looking for 0.5 mm leads, but only about five or six people came in. Nice and boring day in art supply land.

Sunday at the gas station was actually a pretty good day. The owner of the club across the street came in to play our “sweepstakes” (read: poker) machines, and when he won $100 he gave me a $10 tip. Not long after that a girl came in to buy two Mountain Dews. We have a special going where all Pepsi products are three for $3, but if you don’t get three they’re regular price. It’s actually cheaper to get three than two. When she said she only wanted two, I managed to convince her to get three and give me the third. Then a woman came in with an adorable puppy that attempted to lick me to death. But all of that was just icing on the cake compared to the real treat of the day – getting to taunt all of the regulars who are Duke fans, while Carolina won with ease.

But the win might be a bittersweet one, seeing as how Marshall fractured a bone in his wrist. Without him Carolina might be done, so hopefully he can play the rest of the tournament. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Other than that today was a pretty good day. Now I think I might get to work on some random drawings…