I’ve been trying for several days to do some more political drawings, but things haven’t been going very well. Finally I decided to soldier on and I managed to get something I like…

I first drew this piece last night, but the more I shaded and filled in spaces the worse it looked, so I scrapped it. I started anew tonight, but on my first attempt I made the boneheaded mistake of having my graphite paper wrong-side-up, leaving me with no image on the paper and graphite all over my hands. Yay. The second attempt went much better, but when I went to erase any remaining graphite after inking things in, somehow the ball point ink smeared. I covered it up fairly well using a white gel pen, and finally I was finished. Here’s the end product, entitled “Your Half Of The Deal”:



I guess it’s a sort of take on consumerism and advertising. I dunno. I just draw them.

I have about five more images in my head that will hopefully become part of this series, then once I’m finished I’ll start making prints and (hopefully) selling them. But that’s all for now…..