The past few days have been somewhat interesting. Thursday, after the maintenance guy finally came to fix our leaky sink, I went for a little hike. I started on the Parkway, taking the little trail that begins at the Folk Art Center and connects to the Mountains To Sea Trail. Somewhere along the line I decided to diverge from the trail, cross a few roads, and basically wander, until I wound up in someone’s back yard. Fun times.

Evidently this is not the best time of year for an allergy sufferer to go hiking, as I woke up Friday stuffy and sneezing. I took a few big sneezing fits throughout the day and basically felt miserable. And then it rained. I woke up this morning feeling almost 100% better, so I’m guessing the rain washed away enough of the pollen for my sinuses to stop hating me.

Today at work was a pretty awesome day. I spent most of the day working on the True Blue newsletter, something I might start doing on a regular basis. It’s a bit more responsibility than I’ve had, and the interface is a bit clunky, but it’s actually kinda fun, and comes with a potential pay increase, so I can’t complain. In the afternoon the girl from The Chocolate Fetish next door came by and brought us a few free truffles, which were extremely good. On my lunch break I went to the park and checked out the “Really Really Free Market,” which as its name implies, is a market where everything is free. I snagged a book, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.” I’m a big Douglas Adams fan, so this was a pretty good find. And if all that wasn’t enough, later in the day I got to assist what might be the most beautiful girl I’ve met since I moved to Asheville.

Come home to a good dinner and a little relaxing, I think it’s safe to say today has been a good one. Tomorrow is back to the gas station grind, and then a much-needed day off on Tuesday. That’s about it for now…