Today it has pretty much rained all day.

I tried to delay everything I had to do, thinking it might stop raining. That basically didn’t happen, but by 4ish it had at least let up a little.

I went to Target and got completely drenched. It wasn’t raining when I left the house, but by the time I got there it was pouring. When I was checking out I put my coupons on the conveyor belt, and one of them went underneath it. Then I went to the snack bar to get a soft pretzel, but the pretzel machine was broken. When I left I got drenched yet again.

I went to the laundromat, which was just as exciting as it sounds. It always seems to rain on laundry day, and my newly dried clothes just end up getting wet all over again.

I’ve essentially had a headache all day, and I’ve wanted to do little more than sleep. I’m feeling really unmotivated and blah. I guess I’m going to go put up some dishes and then kill time before I go to bed. Yep.