This may just be a passing Dave Barry moment, but wouldn’t “The Muffler Runaround” be a kick ass band name?

My car has been making this annoying rattling noise. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, so I decided to let it idle and look around. As it turns out, it’s something muffler related. I’m not sure if there’s an actual hole in the muffler, or if there’s just a bracket or something that has broken. The muffler is definitely hanging, so who knows, it might be both.

I called up to Firestone, where I usually take my car, and they don’t do any muffler work. They recommended someone on Patton Avenue, but before I could think about taking my car there, a guy from Sears came into the gas station. He told me that they don’t do muffler work, but that if it was just a bracket or something that was loose or broken they could do that, and they would check it out for free and let me know. So I decided on my day off to take my car up there.

I get to Sears and the guy at the desk says they couldn’t do anything like that. He goes to check with the shop manager and comes back with the same answer. They recommended a place called Xpertech way out on Tunnel Road almost to Swannanoa. My plans for the day included going to Amazing Savings, so I decided this place would probably work, and I could go to the Amazing Savings in Black Mountain, since I would already be about halfway there.

I get to Xpertech and they tell me that they wouldn’t be able to look at my muffler either. Turns out they refer everyone to an exhaust specialist that just happens to be located on Sweeten Creek Road – completely on the other side of town, and the same street as the Amazing Savings I was originally planning on going to. But now that I was already in way out on Tunnel there wasn’t much sense in turning around and going 15 miles in the other direction.

While I was out there I decided to check out Go Grocery, where I managed to drop a Gatorade. When I got to the shopping center where Amazing Savings is I decided to check out the Goodwill next door. I found a really interesting looking book called Seeing published by the Strathmore paper company. It’s basically a bunch of pictures of things that look like they have faces. Essentially, the highlight of my day. Well, that, and the build-your-own-six-pack-of-bitch-beer display at Amazing Savings.

So I guess on my next day off I’ll check out this exhaust place and hope that they don’t refer me to someone else clear across town. Fun.