So a while back I had this great idea for a picture in my series of political illustrations – a bar of gold with an outboard motor. The first version I scrapped about halfway through because I didn’t like the look of the motor. I re-drew it and was quite pleased. Then came the question of how to color it in.

The answer laid right before me – a gold paint marker. I think my marker was a bit defective, but the more I worked the more I realized I don’t like the medium at all. I kept reworking things, hoping I could get the look I was going for, but no luck. I had several slight explosions that I had to cover up with white-out and other various substances. I finally came to the conclusion that the original would be horrible, but I could scan it and fix all of the imperfections in Photoshop.

I did in fact scan it, and did in fact fix some of the imperfections, but the shimmer of the gold was completely lost. The more I tried to play with the brightness and contrast in hopes of bringing some shine back to it, the less I liked it. I eventually undid everything and just slightly tweaked the scanned image. I’m still not at all happy with it, and I’m thinking in the future I’ll go back and redo the entire picture, this time using something else, like gold acrylic paint or a gold pencil.

But as they say, you are your own worst critic. I figure I might as well stick this thing up, someone out there might like it. So without further ado, I now present to you “Ode To John Stuart Mill”