A few new things to check out in your bored time…..

Last night I finished my Arizona ice tea painting, “Hoodie (Justice For Trayvon)” and I just uploaded it to my deviantart page.

I’ve also created two new “projects” on my Carbonmade portfolio and added some new pictures. Well, not really new per se, but they weren’t on there a day ago, so new to my portfolio page.

And last but not least, about a month after signing up, I have finally added some songs to my reverbnation page. “Smile” and “Need” will be familiar to any of the handful of people who have actually visited my myspace page. “No Reason To Stay” is a fairly old song that for some reason I haven’t promoted at all until now, and “Hello” is a Lionel Richie cover, performed on my new $12 acoustic guitar and inspired by my friend Beth posting a crazy picture on my Facebook wall.

Hopefully that gives everyone a little something to do in the wee small hours while I’m getting ready to hit the sack. Good night and good luck.