After a pretty eventful Record Store Day last year, I somehow forgot it was this weekend and didn’t ask off from work. Our shifts are 10-7, and that was pretty much the same hours as every record store in town. So yeah.

I took my lunch break around 3:30 and fought my way through ridiculous Asheville Earth Day crowds on Lexington until I finally made it to some stores. By the time I got to Voltage they were pretty much wiped out, only about ten full lengths and a handful of singles left. I managed to snag Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression on 180 gram vinyl, which, although somewhat overpriced, is an amazing album. They had the second and third UT albums but I opted for the debut since it was the first one I heard (not counting the 89-93 compilation.)

After Voltage I headed over to Static Age, and although they had a bit more stuff, they didn’t have a lot that I really wanted. There was a live album by The Birthday Party that I considered, but I’m honestly not a big fan of live albums, so I passed it up. I almost got a single by Hot Water Music until I saw the price tag. I just can’t bring myself to pay $9 for two songs, no matter how limited a release it is. Oh well. I grabbed a free SubPop sampler (which is as uneven as SubPop’s catalog) and some stickers and called it a day.

Next year I’ll need to make a mental note and make sure I either have the day off or don’t work until later so I can manage to get some of the good stuff before it’s gone.