Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving the country. Part of this is due to a general frustration with this country – our corrupt government, our ridiculous laws, our crumbling economy. Part of it has to do with personal frustrations – wanting to go somewhere where my art might be more appreciated and it be easier to make a career out of it, not being able to find a woman who isn’t psycho, and an overall desire to get out of here and live somewhere more exotic and start a new life. I had a lot of these thoughts before I joined the Peace Corps, but I’m not about to do that again. If (when?) I leave this country, it will be completely on my own terms, and assuming things go well, I might not come back. But all of that is just idle daydreaming for the time being. I still have to think about two jobs, bills, my art and music, my health, and the state of suspended animation my social life seems to always be in. One day, inshallah.