Tonight I attended a meeting of the Asheville Socialists, a branch of the International Socialist Organization. It was a pretty low-key affair, at the Wall Street Coffee House. There were only five people there – there is a sixth regular member, but he couldn’t make it. They had a discussion about a book by Lenin, talked about some upcoming events, and a little about the Occupy movement.

While the group is pretty small, they seem to be pretty dedicated and active in the community and in cooperation with socialists worldwide. They spoke a bit about an upcoming convention in Chicago, which has a lot of well-known speakers. It sounds like it would be a pretty interesting event, so assuming the cost isn’t too high I might want to go.

I was also somewhat impressed with the Wall Street Coffee House. It has a nice atmosphere, some interesting art on the walls, a bunch of used records for sale, and free wi-fi. They have a few open mic nights during the week, one for music and one for comedy. Seems like a pretty cool place to kill some time, even though I’m not a coffee drinker myself.

I’ll attempt to make it to next week’s meeting, and possibly the convention at the end of June. And who knows, I might talk to the owners of the coffee house and see if they’re looking for any new artists to take up space on their walls. We might not be able to end class warfare anytime soon, but it seems like a good group to be a part of.