It seems as though WordPress has done a little redesigning. Either that or my not having updated to the latest version of Firefox is causing things to display wonky. Oh well, I found my dashboard and here’s a post.

I’ve been staying pretty busy trying to give legs to my idea of building a professional looking website, but not much has come from it as of yet. I’ve also been working on the newsletter for work.

I have a few new picture ideas, and a Portal-themed series I conceived on the walk home from work tonight. If I can do what I see in my head it should be pretty awesome. I’ve also been writing on my new $12 guitar. I have one song mostly recorded, I’m just finishing up lyrics. I have another with two lines, but my neighbor Angela says she wants to write lyrics and sing it, so hopefully that will go well.

The big news is this is my Week Of Awesome Concerts. Tomorrow night I’ll be going to see Bear In Heaven at the Grey Eagle. On Monday night I will be seeing the legen(wait for it)dary Dick Dale at Jack Of The Wood. I’m pretty pumped about both shows, hopefully neither will disappoint.

And that’s really about it, other than the usual boring stuff. Now to get some sleep, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow…..