Yesterday my car broke down. It’s been acting funny for a while – belts squealing, the check engine light coming on, etc. I was out running errands and all of a sudden it starts losing power for a few seconds. The stereo turned off, the lights on the dashboard turned off, and then a split second later it was fine. Then as I pulled into the laundromat it lost power completely and I couldn’t even roll up my windows. I let it sit while I did my laundry and went back out and it wouldn’t crank. I got it towed to Firestone and my roommate was nice enough to drive me and my laundry back home. They called this morning and oh boy did I luck out. There’s so many things wrong with it, so I was really prepared for the worst. But it was only the battery. Evidently the heat wave of the past few days had drained it. They charged it up and everything tested fine. It started no problem, and they let it run and the check engine light never came on. So basically I paid for a diagnostic and (fingers crossed) it should be fine now. Much better than I was expecting!

Then after work I went out with someone I met online named Sonia. We went to Burgerworx and then walked around for a while, eventually settling in the park and chatting until she needed to get going. We had some pretty interesting conversation, she’s really intelligent and a nice person. I don’t see it going anywhere beyond friendship, but one can never have too many friends right?

And now I shall leave you with a picture. I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a few days now, and last night I finally put it on paper. It’s a bit more cartoon-y than my “serious” art, and a bit more fleshed out than my cartoons, but I think it turned out pretty well…