Yesterday Adam Yauch, also known as MCA, of the Beastie Boys lost his battle with cancer. You kinda had to see this one coming, seeing as how he was too sick to appear with them when they recently got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it still sucks. The Beasties were one of the most creative and influential bands of this era, breaking down the color barrier in rap and translating that into huge hits, mixing hardcore punk, funk, and jazz with rap, and making some pretty amazing videos. In addition to playing bass and singing/rapping with the band, he also did a lot to raise awareness about the plight of the Tibetan people. You had to get the impression that he was just an all around cool guy. Definitely a big loss for the music world.

In other news, tonight is the so-called “super moon,” when the full moon coincides with the moon’s orbit bringing it to its closest point from the earth. Unfortunately here in western North Carolina it’s pretty damn cloudy and you can’t really see a whole heck of a lot. I attempted to get some pictures, but none of them really came out too well. There’s also a meteor shower going on, but you’d be hard pressed to see any of that at all. If I were a little more adventurous and a little less sleepy I’d go drive out on the parkway to a nice elevated overlook and see what things look like from there. But yeah. Laziness and sleep win again.

In personal news, my grandmother had a stroke the other day and is in the hospital. She’ll probably have to stay there a while, then go to a step down unit, and then physical therapy so she can regain full use of the side of her body that was affected. It’s pretty crazy to think that less than six months ago I had three grandparents, and now I have one who is currently asleep with a bunch of tubes in her. Everyone seems to think she’ll be okay, which is good because I’m not sure my family can handle another funeral. So things look pretty positive, I’ll post more as things develop.

And just for the heck of it, I’ll close with a few nuggets of Beastie goodness…