In random world news, France elected a Socialist who wants the super-rich to pay 75% income tax. Might be time to brush up on my French.

In random me news, I’ve started work on a few new websites, for which I shall post links when they’re finished. Or at least finished enough that I feel comfortable sharing them. The one I’m most excited about is a website called Fine Art America. You get a free page, no listing fees, you can set up a Facebook store, you have the option of them doing all the printing and shipping for you, and they don’t take a commission. I’m sure there’s a catch somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. I guess they make enough from their paid version that they don’t have to charge. Who knows. I figure it doesn’t hurt to join and give it a shot. A guy I work with at the gas station said his girlfriend is on there and has sold several pieces. Hopefully it will work out for me, stay tuned.

And I shall leave you with a neat little cartoon I doodled earlier today…