Yesterday I decided to take my car to a place suggested by my former coworker Caleb, who has worked on my car several times. I tell his friend what it’s been doing and let him have a look under the hood. He said it’s possible it could be a belt issue, or the alternator itself, but to be sure I should spray some degreaser on the belts, clean off the battery terminals, and take it to a car wash and hose everything down.

So I did just that, and at first it seemed to have worked. My car started right up, and my check engine light wasn’t on. As I’m driving down Tunnel Rd. I notice that the needle on my battery gauge is slowly sinking. I call up Caleb and ask if I can swing by and use his battery charger, and as I’m on the phone with him the needle sinks to the bottom, I lose all power, and end up pulling off onto the 240 shoulder.

He calls his friend, who an hour later finally shows up and tows my car to their shop. He seems really knowledgable, and his partner spent almost 20 years working for NASCAR as a pit mechanic. Their labor rate is about half of what the major chain places charge. Fingers crossed they’ll figure out what’s wrong and fix it and I’ll be done with this. In the meantime my roommate is giving me a ride to work tomorrow (no busses on Sundays) and if my car still isn’t ready by Monday I’ll take the bus. Fun times.