I’ve been doing some updating and making some new sites. If you go to the bottom of this page and see my links you will notice I’ve added a few new ones – one for the Facebook page for my art (which now has a shop, courtesy of Fine Art America), one for my new tumblr, and one for my new twitter (yes, I’ve gone over to The Dark Side!!!) And I’ve changed the music link to point to my Bandcamp page instead of my Reverbnation page, which isn’t nearly as pimped out.

Also new, I’ve updated the “about” section of my Carbonmade portfolio to include link icons to all of my pages. I also changed up the bio information a bit, so as to not sound quite so cheesy.

And last but not least, I have business cards on the way. I created them last night on Overnight Prints. They should be here sometime before the 23rd. Not exactly “overnight,” but it was one of the cheaper shipping options.

So yay for new stuff! Now to get my stuff ready for morning, then to get some sleep. My car is still in the shop and I’ll be taking the bus. Fun times.