I got an email from the site I did my business cards through telling me there was a problem with my order. Evidently the front design (and maybe the back too, who knows) didn’t go to full bleed. Even though both front and back image files were the same size, the exact size to go to full bleed. So I resized the front image and re-uploaded it. I honestly can’t tell if the back image went to full bleed or not, because the background is white, so if there’s a border around it you can’t see it. I might get an email tomorrow telling me there’s an error and I might have to do it all over again for the back. Blah.

I had about five pictures I wanted to upload to FineArtAmerica. I created a new folder for them and started uploading. I selected all the files, and had gone through and named the first one and selected all the prices for each size and whatnot, and when I clicked submit it said I had been logged out for lack of activity. I logged back in and it just sat there loading nothing. Finally it loads my main page and it says the album is empty. I go to upload it again and it loads nothing again. I guess they’re having server problems or something. Blah.

I emailed a gallery the other day and sent them a link to my stuff. I got an email back from the owner saying she loves my artwork (yay) and the rest of the email is a generic response telling about their pricing options. I’m not sure I can afford to rent space at a gallery at the moment, unless I can be assured of some sales. And I can’t do that unless I get my name and my work out there a little more than I have. And I can’t do that until I have some business cards to hand out. And even when I do get to that point, I still need to get a bunch of prints done so I have something to sell besides a handful of original pieces. So it might be a bit out of reach at the moment, at least until I get some cards and a little more cash flow. Semi-blah.

I’ll be getting my car back tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fully functional and I can spend less time worrying about it and getting rides and whatnot and more time on promoting my stuff. Time to spam some art blogs and hope for the best…