1. Got my car back today. I starts and runs. The check engine light still comes on, and the wipers and automatic windows seem to be going at half speed, so there’s something electrical that’s gotten screwed up from all of this. The shop (which evidently is a lot newer than I realized – they don’t have their credit card readers hooked up yet so I had to go to the ATM) is getting a code scanner soon, like in the next week. He said he’d hook it up and diagnose everything for free, and if I have any trouble before then to let him know. Fingers crossed.

2. I got an email from Lauren, the owner of the ZaPow gallery downtown. She likes my stuff. The bad news is that with all of this car stuff, plus business cards and all the usual expenses, I’m too broke to afford their space rental. I replied and told her I was interested but couldn’t do it for another month or two. Hopefully she’ll still be interested in my work once I have enough money to get some things framed and rent a space. Fingers crossed x2.

3. I got my first commission the other day. And of course I did the logical thing – procrastinate and doodle something else. I’ve envisioned a new series, called Cryptozoology, for all of the weird creatures I draw when extremely bored. So here goes one of them, the Firesnake…

4. There is no 4.