I have good news and bad news. Well, let’s start with the good. My business cards came today. Check it, yo.

I blurred my phone number, simply because I have no idea who reads this blog and I don’t feel like getting random calls from random freaks. Crap. Maybe I should have blurred my email address too. Just kidding. But yeah so, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Now hopefully I can get them in the right hands and get some business because of it.

Also good, I ordered pizza from Asheville Pizza and Brewing, and my neighbor is awesome. To understand these two things, we have to discuss the bad.

My car broke down again. Ironically enough, I called the shop where I took it last week to see if they had gotten their computer scanner yet (they haven’t.) I then set about on my day. As I’m exiting the interstate to go to Amazing Savings and get some groceries, I lose power. They came and towed me, looked at my car a little, and then gave me a ride home. They said they’ll call me when they figure out what might be doing it. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a sensor or something. Hopefully something cheap!

So here I was, my busy day of errands thwarted by a piece of shit car. I was about to carry my hamper of clothes across the street to Bar Of Soap, but my awesome neighbor Angela let me drive her car over there. When I got home I didn’t feel like cooking, so I ordered a pizza and watched How I Met Your Mother. Which brings us to now. I’m kinda tired, I’ve had a headache almost all day, and I’m bored. Awesome, huh? Well, might as well blog about it.