A few random things…..

1. On the car front, turns out there is an internal regulator switch in a car’s alternator, and mine has gone bad. They’re replacing that, and I figured what the hell, they’ll be fixing my oil leak. I’ve milked it as long as I can, if it’s going to screw up everything else in my car I should get it fixed already, bite the bullet and figure out how to pay for it later. That’s Reaganomics for ya.

2. I’ve spent the past half hour tearing apart my room, my art supplies, and stack upon stack of paper and pads looking for a small set of watercolor cards. I have a commission, and she wants it 3.5″ square, so I figured these would be perfect. Problem is I have no idea where the hell they have walked off to. I know I didn’t use all of them, I just don’t know what I did with them. I won’t give up, however. Find them I shall!

3. I have a terrible backache. This post will be just about the last thing I do in a seated position tonight.

4. I finished a new picture the other day, but for some reason I never uploaded it. It’s called Nepobedimaya, which comes from a book I’m reading comparing the pre-collapse economic and social problems of the USSR with those of the current United States. It means undefeatable, and was something the Soviets used when talking about their nation. The title doesn’t have much of anything to do with the piece, I just thought it sounded cool. But yeah, here it is:



Mkay so that’s it for now. Off to wrap up a few other things and then find my heating pad so I can get some sleep tonight…