My car is still in the shop. Evidently they had to wait on a part to ship. They said it should be ready Monday afternoon, maybe around 1 or 2.

On Sundays and Mondays I work at the gas station, which is around four miles or so from my apartment. It’s no secret that I don’t exactly enjoy my job. Temperatures here have been in the 80’s for the past few days, and I most definitely don’t enjoy the heat. So in short, there’s no way in hell I’m walking to work. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even have to consider that. But it’s starting to look like that’s the only way I’ll get there.

Monday is Memorial Day and the buses aren’t running. Most of the world doesn’t work for the government, so pretty much everyone I know with a car will be working. No problem. I can miss a day of work, right? As long as I can make it in tomorrow I’ll be fine. Except now it’s looking as though that ain’t happening either.

I haven’t seen my roommate in about two weeks. I’m assuming he’s been staying with his girlfriend. The other day he must have come home long enough to slide a check for the bill money under my door. Yesterday he must have been here long enough to take his toothbrush. But I haven’t seen him. So that means I can probably take his name off the list of People Who Might Be Able To Give Me A Ride. My friends Nici and James have been sharing a car for a while, but they’re both free on Sundays. Except their car is also in the shop and they’ve been relying on Nici’s brother to drive them around. My friend Carly has yoga. My friend Lucie is in West Virginia. Most of my other friends either don’t have cars or live upwards of an hour away. My last hope is my neighbor Angela, who let me use her car last week. She’s in Greenville and isn’t sure what time she’ll be coming home tomorrow.

So basically, I’m out of options. I really need the money, so I’d like to not miss both days. But right now that’s what it’s looking like. Oh well, maybe if I have an extended break I can get this commission done I’ve been procrastinating on, and that will give me a little money. Probably not as much as a day of work, but better than nothing. And I could probably use a day or two to just relax, I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. Of course missing two day’s pay will give me new reasons to stress out, but that’s beside the point. I think.