So I managed to get a ride to work on Sunday. From my assistant manager. I decided I didn’t want to go through all that again, so today I just stayed home. But even though I had the day off, I was far from idle.

I worked a little on a commission, finally. I cleaned out the fridge and did a shitload of dishes. I walked to the grocery store. I paid some bills. I hung up a poster. I finished the True Blue newsletter. I cooked an elaborate dinner. I mopped the kitchen floor. I walked to the gas station and bought a fruit pie (which ended up being covered in mold, yay!) Next on the agenda is ripping some CD’s I got from the library, scanning and posting my previously mentioned commission, and getting some rest.

Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow. I called to check on it, but I’m guessing they closed early today because I didn’t get an answer. Assuming it’s ready, tomorrow will be filled with grocery shopping, library visits, returning the moldy pie, and doing laundry. Eventually I need to get to Target and pick up my pills. And then Wednesday is a discussion about Karl Marx at the Wall Street Coffee House.

So that’s pretty much my week.