Ah, another fun day of interacting with the public.

The Highlight: A guy in a wheelchair came into the store. I commented on how he had lights on the front wheels, which was pretty awesome. He said he put them on there in November as a seasonal thing, and now it’s May and he’s just that annoying neighbor who never takes down their Christmas lights. Heartwarming, eh?

The Lowlight: A Big Tough Guy screamed slurs at “a couple of dykes” who crossed in front of him (in the crosswalk, no less) and made him have to step on the brakes and slow down his Big Tough Truck. Seriously dude? I seem to remember something from driver’s ed called YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS ALREADY IN CROSSWALK. Yes, even gay ones. Grow a pair, douchenozzle.

And finally, a picture. It was slow as shit at work today. Lucky for me I brought a few of my blank coasters for Asheville Brewing’s coaster art contest. I used a counterfeit detector pen to copy the portrait of George Washington from the dollar bill. Yep, you heard me correctly. DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y’ALL!