Monday at work a girl gave me her number. It goes back a bit further than that, however. My handful of loyal readers might remember that a while back I bought a guitar off a customer for $12. He was usually accompanied by this (much younger) girl. When she found out I bought his guitar she said that sucked, because now she wouldn’t get to play it. So I told her we should get together sometime and jam. I didn’t see her again for several weeks and figured she had forgotten all about it. Then she came in and gave me her number and said we should hang out.

About an hour later he came in and asked if she had been by the store. I talked to him for a little while and found out some more info on her. She’s been kicked out of everywhere she’s ever lived, and he took her in. She essentially used him for money, booze, a phone he bought for her, and a place to stay. They got in a big fight and she supposedly kicked in his door and cussed out his case worker. He said she’s been around, and was just bragging about fucking three guys in three days. I thought maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt, every story has two sides right? When my night-shift coworker came in he started talking about this girl he gave a ride to and how she keeps texting him. I pulled out the piece of paper she wrote her number down and looked at his phone. Sure enough, it was the same girl. He said she’s done similar things to everyone who works with me – bummed rides, gotten them to buy her beer, etc. That pretty much confirmed one side of this story, so I decided to leave her alone.

In completely unrelated news, I took my car to get an inspection yesterday. It failed because the power steering belt was frayed. I bought a new belt and took it to the shop that fixed my alternator and oil leak today and he put the belt on for free. Evidently he just got two Boston Terriers for his kid and they were wandering around the shop. One was friendly, the other barked constantly at me. The second I opened my door the friendly one jumped in my car. While I was trying to get him to come out, the grumpy one jumped in. She refused to budge, and when the kid tried to pick her up she barked and tried to bite him. It was pretty funny.

Well, that’s about all the interesting tidbits I have for today. I’m waiting on part of a painting to dry so I can work on the rest. Speaking of painting, stay tuned for some big news. The End.