I never made it to the art opening Friday night. My new friend, the girl who came into the store the other day, had already made plans. I asked a few other friends but no one ever got back to me. I was kinda tired so I decided to just not bother.

Last night is when things got really interesting. My friend Sarah wanted me to come over and take a look at her computer. I put some anti-spyware stuff on there and a program to rip DVD’s. Next time we hang out I’ll bring my Nero disc and install it on there. When I got home I started up my computer, and I got the little nag screen from Adobe saying there was a new update for Flash Player. I had nothing else to do, so I figured I’d download it. BIG MISTAKE.

Evidently this new update is known to crash and not install properly on Windows XP. When it crashed on my system, it froze everything. I couldn’t pull up my start menu, clicking on icons did nothing, etc. So I held the button down to restart it. When it started back up it said that Windows didn’t shut down properly, and gave me the options of starting safe mode, safe mode with a command prompt, with my last known good settings, or just start normally. I tried them all and nothing worked, it just created this endless feedback loop. It would try to start, but before it could get to the screen where I enter my password it would restart itself and go back to the “Windows didn’t shut down properly” screen. I tried messing with all the configuration settings, the BIOS, you name it, and nothing worked. I had to break down and make an expensive call to tech support.

The tech support guy spent half an hour talking me through some disk checking processes and told me when it finished to call back and he would try to figure out what caused the crash. It took about an hour and a half for the disk check to finish, and when I called back he got me to go to a website and install a remote controller. Even though I knew my computer was clean, he was sure it was malware-related. He saw that I had AdAware and told me to get Malwarebytes, that it was a better cleaner and used less system resources. I figured having another scan program couldn’t hurt, so I downloaded it and started a scan, which he said would take about an hour. It ended up taking over three hours, and found nothing except two tracking cookies. By this time it was after 5:30 AM and the next day was a workday. Fun.

Today at work I felt like a complete zombie. I drank a 32 ounce Monster, which gave me about 5-6 hours of energy and then a fun crash. One of the Red Lobster waitresses came by and brought free biscuits. They tasted amazing, but upset my tummy. I ended up not eating lunch, and maybe getting a wee bit dehydrated, which didn’t help my sleepiness. Originally I had planned on going out with Katie (the aforementioned new chick) but that got rescheduled. She’s on day three of a killer migraine, and I’m not in any shape for a night out. So we decided to try again Wednesday night and I resumed my non-plans for the evening. When I got home I ate some leftovers and loafed on the couch. Which brings us up to the present. So yeah.