So last night my future roommate came over to talk logistics. She sized up the available space and mentally made a checklist of what she’s bringing and what will go to her family’s house. Then we just kinda got all off track talking about random things. I like the fact that we can have conversations like that, so I’m thinking this looks like a good fit. My last two roommates were cool and all, but we didn’t just sit around and talk. April was usually too distracted by television or video games, and chances are if we had a conversation that lasted longer than a few minutes it revolved around one of those two subjects. David and I would talk a lot about music, art, politics, you name it. But he was pretty withdrawn and kept to himself a lot, so there really wasn’t much “hang out” time at all. It should be a nice change of pace to have a roommate I can just chat with once in a while. Fingers crossed.

Tonight I ended up having to call Charter. When I got home from work I had no internet, and no combination of resetting the modem, router, or restarting/refreshing my IP seemed to fix it. I think they must get paid based on how long they keep you on the phone, because when something like this happens they never seem to think the problem is on their end and keep me on the phone for half an hour doing all of the things I’ve already done that didn’t fix the problem before they finally give up and flick a switch somewhere and I have my internet back. Next time I’ll try telling them to just cut straight to that part and skip all the rest.

Tomorrow I may or may not be going out to dinner with a friend. I guess I’ll find out sometime during the day. She’s been pretty bad about cancelling on me, so I’m thinking there’s a good chance it might not happen. Sunday my family will be coming to visit me for a few days. I think they’re leaving on the fourth, which seems kinda silly to me, but oh well.

Other than the usual routine of work, paint, watch mindless TV programs, eat, and don’t get enough sleep, that’s pretty much all that’s going on right now. I seem to have avoided that ancient curse of leading an interesting life, for better or for worse.