So I’m bored. I’ve spent the last half hour Googling some of the claims the guide on the ghost hunting tour made. I can safely say that it’s a bunch of bullshit. And I’m not even talking about the ghost hunting aspect of things, I’m talking about the “historical” side that he so often used to back up what he was saying. So let’s see…..

  • He claimed that Asheville was an energy vortex, where a multitude of lines of the earth’s magnetic grid intersected. Oddly enough, new age websites that go into ridiculous detail about vortexes and grids never mention Asheville. The only websites that do mention Asheville as a vortex are sites that are trying to sell very expensive “spiritual” tours of the area. Go figure.
  • He said that Asheville was sitting on the largest deposit of quartz crystal in the Northern Hemisphere. While it’s a pretty big deposit, Arkansas holds the distinction of being the largest.
  • He claimed that the dome at The Basilica of St. Lawrence was the largest in the world, and made the outrageous claim that even with our modern technology we are unable to recreate a dome that large. He also told a story about how the designer of the basilica, Rafael Guastavino, wanted his wife and daughter buried with him, and now his ghost is pissed that this didn’t happen. Well for starters, Wikipedia contradicts itself, saying that the dome is “reputed” to be the largest, but also saying that the largest dome Guastavino himself designed was for the Cathedral of Saint John The Divine in Manhattan, which is nearly twice as large. And while there’s definitely some grey area about this, with websites contradicting each other, it’s probably not something you should trumpet as cold hard fact, don’t ya think? And as for the story about his wife and kids, the only websites that claim such are… big surprise… ghost hunting websites.
  • And last (for now) but not least was his ridiculous claim that The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (the version starring Lon Chaney) was filmed in Asheville, specifically the Jackson Building. IMDB and local movie critic Ken Hanke both say it was filmed on a Hollywood sound stage.

So yeah… not even taking into consideration the pseudo-science bullshit that goes into the whole ghost hunting fad, this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. If he can be so obviously wrong about easy-to-Google things like this, can you really trust him with abstract concepts and questions of existence and faith? Save your money folks, tours like this are a waste of time.