My family left pretty early on the 4th of July so they could be home in time to go to a cookout my sister and her fiance had planned (but not told them about until the last minute). After they left I caught up on some much-needed sleep and then started on a new painting. It’s a sort of companion piece to my last work, the one with the gold leaf that everyone seems to like. I’ll post it whenever I’m finished. My original plan after painting was to just lounge around the house and do nothing, but then around 8:00 James called me and said that they were downtown getting ready to watch the fireworks. I decided to join them, but other than that my 4th was pretty uneventful.

Yesterday at work was a very draining day. In addition to being pretty busy and having a shipment to put up, my boss came in, and she was in a bad mood and gave us a ton of busy work, and made a big deal out of the smallest of things. She also brought her six-year-old son because she couldn’t find anyone to watch him, so I wound up playing with him and keeping him occupied for a while. He’s super high energy, and even though he’s a sweet kid, he can wear you out pretty quickly.

When I finally got to take my lunch (about half an hour later than I usually do) I got an unexpected text message that kinda messed with my mind and my emotions. It was from Hannah, who I haven’t communicated with in any way since February. Evidently she was me, but I’m not sure if I saw her. I was really stressed out and kind of in a daze, so maybe I watched her walk by and didn’t even notice, who knows. She said that I looked sad and asked me if everything was okay. I told her I was just stressed, and we chatted a little about whether or not to reopen the lines of communication between us. She essentially said that next time if she sees me she might come say hi and talk a little, but that we weren’t going to start talking on a regular basis. I can definitely live with that – even though I’ve forgiven her (and I hope she’s forgiven me) and most of the hurt has passed, I don’t think it’s good for us to talk right now. Maybe down the road we might be able to, but at this point in time we’re just not good for each other. But talking to her again got me thinking about our relationship and how things fell apart, and it also got me thinking about the girls I’ve gone out with or attempted to date in the interim, and the one I’m trying to catch now. Sometimes I think I’m just not wired for normally functioning relationships, and just the thought of it stresses me out beyond words.

When I got home from work I cooked dinner and relaxed in front of the television for a while. My roommate came home and we started talking, and I guess because of everything that had been on my mind the conversation got really in-depth and personal. We talked a lot about our respective failed relationships and philosophies of life and whatnot, and before I knew it, it had gotten extremely late. I love the fact that I finally have a roommate I can just sit and talk with, but perhaps we need to try to arrange these long chats on nights when I don’t have to wake up early the next day, because today at work I was exhausted.

My coworker didn’t show up until around 1:00 (we open at 10:00) and wasn’t answering her phone. My boss came in and was of course assuming the worst and freaking out. Turns out her alarm didn’t go off and her phone has been messing up, so she somehow slept through all of it. By the time she finally got there, my boss was in a pretty foul mood, and started taking it out on us. As the day went on she started to settle down and actually got in a good mood, and we all had a nice chat about classic movies. Then just as she was about to leave, she misplaced her prescription sunglasses, and all of a sudden it was the end of the world again. We eventually found them, my coworker left early to get to an art opening, and I closed up show by myself. I made a quick trip to the grocery store and then cooked a nice black bean and garlic stir fry over rice noodles. I worked a little more on my painting and decided to write a blog.

I need to make it a point to get to sleep early tonight, I’m completely drained. Tomorrow should hopefully be a more relaxing day at work, and the next day I can catch up on a little sleep before returning to my other job after taking this past week off to see my family. And I guess that’s about it until I can think of something else interesting to write about…..