So I went to an art show tonight. Yesterday a girl came into the store looking for some sticky-tac and said she was hanging a show. I asked her about it and we started talking and she invited me. Turns out she’s fairly well-known in this area and was asked to be a part of a group show at the last minute. The show was at Phil Mechanic Studios in the River Arts District and it was the work of five different photographers. There was some really interesting stuff there.

While I was there I got to meet a few of the other artists and chatted about art and galleries and openings and whatnot. Seeing a small, low-key opening like this gave me some ideas for how I want to stage my opening. And it never hurts to go to openings and meet people and do some networking to get the word out.

But basically here’s what’s on my Artist To Do list for the near future…

1. Continue to build my web presence, using things like Facebook groups, Reddit, Craigslist, Zibbet, and Moo.

2. Post on Craigslist about portfolio photography. I like the guy who photographed my stuff, he did great work, but I just can’t afford $30 a piece and I have about four more paintings I want photographed. With all the artists and students in this town, there has to be someone, maybe a UNCA student or recent grad, who would photograph my stuff for next to nothing.

3. Ditch the photography gallery on my website and use the remaining free upload slots to add more of my paintings. Photography is so saturated right now, it’s hard to stand out when there’s a million people doing it. Plus that’s not one of my main focuses, so why include it with the stuff I’m trying to promote? If someone really wants to see photos I took I can send them to another site, but keep my main site for paintings and drawings.

4. Make some Moo cards. I saw an ad to get them for free a while back, so I might as well, assuming the offer is still open. They wouldn’t replace my real business cards, but be a different and funky way to further promote my stuff.

5. Check out some other non-traditional spaces for art shows. Lani, the girl who invited me to the show, said she had a show at Firestorm not too long ago. Considering a lot of my stuff is very political, it would probably go over really well at a place like that.

6. Quit procrastinating and finish that commission. And finally work on some of the ideas in my head too.

So that’s what I want to accomplish in the near future. We’ll see what happens…