Today’s original agenda was to hit up a few stores and get some groceries, then come home for a relaxing evening of not a whole heck of a lot. Murphy had other ideas.

Evidently if you drive through a foot of standing water your alternator belt can come off. I’m driving down Broadway (which was flooded so badly it made the news) when all of a sudden my wipers start going slower. Thinking nothing of it, I switch them up to the highest speed. I go to turn and all of a sudden I have no power steering and it takes all of my strength to turn. I pull into a parking lot and glance down at my battery gauge, which is now at less than half power. Of course it’s still pouring rain, so I call my mechanic and have him come tow me. The belt was just hanging off, so not enough power was going to the alternator or the power steering. It didn’t take too long to put the belt back on there, and he only charged me for the towing, which I’ll get reimbursed for anyway. But the whole thing was a major pain in the ass. I got completely soaked, and my day got pushed about an hour and a half behind schedule.

I rush to make it to a few stores and then Amazing Savings, but evidently they lost power and closed. I decided to try the one downtown, but they don’t have a whole lot in the line of actual meal foods, so I end up adding another store to my trip and going to Ingles. By this time I don’t feel like cooking, and I’m pretty dehydrated and feeling rather sick. I come home and guzzle some water, take an aspirin, and set out to get some food. Nici calls me just as I’m turning into Bojangles and asks if I wanted to eat with them. We ended up going to Woody’s, then I came home and listened to some music and chatted with my roommate for a while.

I’m exhausted. I didn’t get much of anything accomplished. I don’t really feel well at all. And my next door neighbor is playing annoyingly loud hip hop. Oh joy.