So here’s a piece I’ve been working on, off and on, for about two months…




I call it After Geography. Knowledgable readers might recognize that as the title Ringo told a reporter who asked what the next Beatles album would be called. The album of course was called Revolver, but Ringo’s joke title was a nice little dig at The Rolling Stones, who had just released Aftermath. The title really has nothing to do with this piece, I just thought it fit, for some reason.

So the piece itself has an interesting story to it. The canvas was a damaged one we got at the store. A part of the stretcher frame was deformed, and it left a weird little indentation on the canvas. One day I had the brilliant idea to cut around that indentation and make the wood in the stretcher part of the piece. Then I thought about putting something behind it, giving a multi-level effect. My coworker commented that the canvas would just sag down, so I decided to do something to make it keeps its shape. I ended up sewing the backing paper to the canvas using some waxed linen thread.

The painting itself revisits a lot of familiar themes in my artwork: bombs, landscapes, flames that look like a tattoo, and mixing India ink with other media. I used wood stain on the wood to give it a nicer color. The background was done with a paint roller, mixing mostly Payne’s grey with white and black to give a loose and cloudy feel. The trees are done in India ink and the bombs are newspaper with shadows done in pen. There’s a very subtle orange blob of colored pencil that doesn’t show up well in the photo. My intent was to make it look like a brain, but it kinda looks more like a cloud of some sort. The backing paper sat waiting until my family came to visit and brought a staple gun like I asked. The paper itself is a weird decorative paper we got from our sister store in Chapel Hill that closed down, and the flames are done in colored pencil. And then of course there’s the waxed linen connecting the backing paper to the canvas.

Talk about mixed media, eh?

But yeah, that’s about it for now. I just got some vellum and a new bottle of ink that I’ll play with tomorrow, and eventually I hope to do some big pieces with my roll of watercolor paper, as soon as I can get ahold of some gummed paper tape to stretch it with. The end.