So it looks like this is how things are going down…

Tomorrow night I will be getting drinks with Lauren. She’s the one from the dating site who likes philosophy. Based on personal experience, alcohol plus philosophy yields very interesting results.

Tuesday night I will be going to see Moonrise Kingdom with Stacie. She’s the one who replied to my Craigslist ad looking for a roommate. She’s finally back in town and has recovered from her little vacation and epic Greyhound ride and is ready to get together.

I’ll be working Wednesday and Thursday, and then I’ll have Friday and Saturday off because the art supply store shuts down for Bele Chere due to lack of business. Last year on this weekend I drove the whole length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I was thinking about possible escapes for this year. Originally I had planned on going to Atlanta for the night and head back sometime the following day. A club there has a great double bill scheduled – Helmet and The Toadies – and there’s a Moroccan restaurant that supposed to be really good. But now with my show being moved up and a large framing bill looming in the not-so-distant future, I’m rethinking this whole “spend lots of money” idea. I haven’t made up my mind yet if I’ll still go, hopefully I’ll have figured something out soon.

And that’s pretty much my week as it stands right now. And just because I like you guys so much, have a picture. I bought a few sheets of translucent vellum from work and decided to play around. Somehow I wound up with a jellyfish. So yeah.