How about a quick little summary of my past two days?

Last night I went out with Lauren. We met at Carmel’s and had martinis, then headed to the Battery Park Book Exchange and had some wine. She was charming, often very funny, and obviously rather intelligent. She has probably forgotten more about wine and literature than I will ever know. She gave me a list of books to look for, most of which I’ve never heard of, but that sound like something I would enjoy. Evidently she drinks a lot, and she seems like she’d be absolutely hilarious once she got enough alcohol in her. There were a few of the awkward silences one might expect, but for the most part things went well. We both had a good time and agreed to get together again soon. I wasn’t knocked off my feet or anything, but I like her, and hopefully the next time we go out things will go just as well.

Today I went around checking out some frame shops. The Frugal Framer gave me the best price, so I left four pieces with them, and they should be ready in a week. If I have enough money and enough time I have a few more pieces I might get framed, but this framing bill has pretty much dashed my vacation hopes. Oh well.

After the frame shop I did some grocery shopping and then laundry. My roommate’s car is in the shop so I let her tag along to the laundromat with me. When we got back I threw together a quick dinner and got ready to go out yet again.

Tonight I went out with Stacie. We met up at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, where she had an iced coffee and we chatted a bit before heading to the theater. Moonrise Kingdom was absolutely fabulous, but more on that later. After the movie we roamed around downtown looking for something to do. A friend had told her the Yacht Club was a terrible place, so she wanted to check it out. Turns out it’s a private club, and neither of us wanted to buy a membership. Everywhere else we went seemed to be having live music, and we both decided we’d rather go somewhere quiet so we could talk. We ended up just kinda walking around in circles until we landed at Wasabi right before closing. The sushi was pretty good and very reasonably priced, but I probably ate more than I should have, considering I wasn’t really hungry. We walked around a little bit and ran into my roommate and a friend of hers. Evidently her friend came and picked her up and they went out for coffee and were just sitting on a bench chatting. We talked to them for a little while and then decided to call it a night. Initially I wasn’t sure if this was a date per se, and maybe that lack of pressure allowed me to have a good time, who knows. But one way or another, I was really impressed with Stacie. She’s also very intelligent, with a good sense of humor, and an adorable Kentucky accent. She’s also pretty much gorgeous. She seemed to have had a good time as well, and we also decided to get together again soon.

The great thing about being single is that you can go out with several different girls and focus on having a good time. Eventually I’ll have to narrow my scope a bit, perhaps settle down. But at this point in time I don’t really know what I want. It’s good to know that I do in fact have some options, and I don’t have to sit at home alone every night. Believe it or not, I can go out with beautiful, intelligent women. So I guess I can’t really complain, can I? As Barney Stinson might say, I’m awesome. True story.