I have this weekend off because the art supply store I work at closes during the Bele Chere street festival. Lately it’s been getting ridiculously hard to make my car stop, so I figured this would be the perfect time to get my brakes worked on. The other day I attempted to drive to work, only to find myself unable to stop, so I turned around, went home, and bummed a ride from my roommate. To be safe (and because my insurance company will reimburse me) I decided to have my car towed to the shop.

While they were looking at it I walked down the street to Kinkos and printed up some copies of a flyer I made for my show (which I’ll post later). When I got back to the shop they told me the master cylinder was shot. Since my car is twenty years old, no one keeps the part in stock, and they had to order it. It won’t be here until Monday. I’ll probably call out on Sunday because I don’t feel like bumming a ride, and I’m not too crazy about the guy I’ll be working with that day. Then I’ll take the bus on Monday, and on Tuesday take the bus to the shop and get my car.

There’s a chance that in addition to the master cylinder, the wheel cylinders in the rear are shot, but he can’t tell until he replaces the master. If the other cylinders are bad too that more than doubles the price, so I’m hoping not. I’m assuming since it’s not a big job (although it’s pretty expensive) that they can have it ready by the time they open on Tuesday. If not that’s going to be a particularly difficult day for me. I need to do laundry, bring some stuff back to the library, and pick up my stuff from The Frugal Framer. I seriously doubt I can bum rides for all of that.

I did manage to convince my roommate to take me to Wal-Mart, which pretty much undermines everything she stands for. She sat in her car rather than come in, and between about two week’s worth of food, framing/hanging supplies, some hygiene stuff like soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent (which always run out simultaneously, go figure) I raced up quite the bill. Between grocery shopping, my car, the stuff I got framed, rent, and bills my bank account has gone from over $800 to about $50 in the space of about a week. Fun times.

But yeah, so here’s the flyer I made. And I totally had to consult Google to figure out whether it was flyer or flier. True story.