On Tuesday I got a phone call from The Frugal Framer saying my stuff was ready. Of course they wait to call until about 5:15 and they close at 5:30, so yeah. I worked yesterday, so today was the day. They look pretty good, I can’t complain much. I didn’t realize the mats that I chose weren’t beveled, but that actually works with the pieces, gives them a bit more depth. I’ve spent a big chunk of my free time the past few days framing the smaller pieces I have that take fairly standard size frames and mats. I still have a few more to do, and then get prints made of some of my drawings. I guess I didn’t realize just how much work goes into getting a show together. Fun times.

On the personal side, I still seem to be going with the two-dates-in-two-days thing, seeing as how it worked fairly well last time. Last night I went out with a girl named Tara. She messaged me on a dating site and we chatted a little via text messages before deciding to get together. She’s about a year younger than me and has a daughter that is almost two. She works at an art gallery and we have similar tastes in just about everything. She’s a lot more attractive in person than her profile led me to believe, and she seems really sweet with a good sense of humor. We went out for Thai food and chatted until she had to pick up her daughter. We had a pretty good time, and although her schedule is kinda weird, between two jobs and a kid, we decided we should get together again soon.

Tonight I went on date #2 with Lauren. We were originally going to get some drinks and then watch a movie, but she thinks she might be coming down with a cold, so we just decided on dinner and drinks and she went home and went to bed. We had some more good conversation about all sorts of random things, and this time we went more into detail on relationship-y stuff – what we’re looking for, what we like and don’t like in a member of the opposite sex, that sort of thing. The more we talked the more I realized we’re probably a lot more compatible than I had initially thought. The date went really well, and I was disappointed when she said she had to cut things off early. We agreed to get together again as soon as she’s feeling better. I walked her to her car (which was conveniently parked right next to mine) and we hugged. She said she would kiss me but she didn’t want to get me sick. So I guess that’s something.

On the job front, I had an interview today. I don’t want to say too much and jinx myself, but I have a nice opportunity to make good money and not have to deal with all of the crap that goes on at a gas station or at an art supply store that is in too bad shape financially to give more hours. If I get the job I’ll quit the gas station and probably rearrange my days at the art supply store so as to make things work. Fingers crossed!

But now it’s about that time. I’m pretty much exhausted, and work cometh early tomorrow. The End.