My show was last night, so I figure a quick little recap is in order…

On Art Show’s Eve spent a big portion of my free time trying to tie up loose ends. It all started a few days earlier when I got my prints from Henco. Evidently mats that say 8″x10″ are really 7.5″x9.5″, so I was left with a bunch of prints that didn’t fit into the mats I had. I wound up having to get them reprinted at the right size, and then I decided to buy som 8″x10″ plastic sleeves and sell the unmatted prints. I also had a ton of tags to make, and for some reason I had decided to go high concept and make three-tiered tags consisting of newspaper and construction paper backings.

I got home from work with the intent of getting straight to work on these things, but got distracted by socializing neighbors. I talked to Michelle a bit about her friend Kat, and she agreed to play a little matchmaker, saying how we would be cute together. Fingers crossed on that one. I finally had to draw myself away from my peeps and get to work. I didn’t realize how long it would take to finish thirty or so of my fancy tags, and I wound up working on them until about 3:00 AM. Fun times.

The day of the show I woke up around 10:00 and got ready. James and Nici had said they would come help me set things up, but neither of them was answering their phones. My neighbor Joshua agreed to help, but since my car was packed full of paintings he couldn’t ride with me and he doesn’t have a car. I got down there right around noon and had to circle the block a few times before the loading zone opened up. I started hanging my stuff, and after about half an hour Joshua showed up. He was a big help with visualizing where things should go and whatnot, and he helped design an ingenious scheme to hang my big heavy painting on a sheet of drywall. Evidently I forgot a tag, so I went home and made it, grabbed a quick snack, put on a nice shirt, and headed back out.

It was a pretty gloomy night, with light rain off and on the whole time. As a result, downtown was like a ghost town until about the time that my show was supposed to end. Not a lot of people came out, but the ones who did bought stuff. I wound up selling three prints and one original piece. It was my cheapest original, at $25, but hey, that puts me one ahead of Van Gogh right? I spent most of the time hanging out with Joshua and my roommate (who are evidently a thing now) and his former coworker (they both quit their job at the same time.) I greeted a lot of people and fielded some questions, got some food, and didn’t really do a whole heck of a lot else. The band started setting up around 9:00 and they put out the podium and started charging a cover. We took to the front porch, and after a while I got bored and decided to go home.

The turnout was disappointing, and I still need to sell around $450 worth of stuff before I break even, but overall I think it was a success. My stuff will be on display until October, so I can keep bugging people. And perhaps I can use this show as leverage to get more. And if nothing else, I’m getting my name out there, which is always a good thing. Once that good thing starts turning a profit I’ll be a lot happier and probably be able to sleep more soundly. And after two days of being extra social it’s definitely time to put back on my introvert panties and spend some quality time sitting on my ass. I’ve earned it 😉