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This whole two-jobs-classes-and-a-social-life thing is taking its toll on me. I feel like I never get enough sleep, and I’m way behind on my reading for my classes. What I really need is a bit more self-discipline so I can force myself to catch back up, both on homework and sleep.

I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors a lot, after a brief period of locking myself up in my room. I haven’t really seen much of anyone else, however. I haven’t heard from Kat in a while; I’m guessing she’s even more busy than I am, so who knows where that might be going. I’ll be seeing Sarah on Monday – we’re going to see Andrew Bird at the Peel. One last concert before she leaves the country for two years. Fun.

As far as the whole art career thing goes, I’ve been selected to be part of a three person show at the Blend Gallery in November. It’s probably better known as the Blend Lounge or “that place where you can smoke hookah,” but recently they’ve tried to remake themselves as a gallery first and everything else second. It will definitely be good exposure. Also in November we’ll be having our staff show at True Blue, so I’ll have some stuff there too. I’m not sure why I haven’t been more diligent about posting things like this. I guess I’ve just decided that this is my “personal” blog and my Tumblr is more for art related things. So yeah.

And speaking of work, with one employee gone to Penland for two months and another moving soon, we did some hiring. I’ve worked two shifts with one of the new girls, and she seems alright. I’m not really sure why, seeing as how she’s not really anything I usually go for, but I find her quite sexy. But I know better than to even attempt something with a coworker, that pretty much never works. But a customer, well that’s a different story…

This girl came in today and asked if I remembered her. She’s a student and used to come in all the time last year, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no way I’d forget her. Out of nowhere she just starts talking my ear off. Not that I minded. She told me about her classes, her art, her roommates, her family, being broke, not having a car, never getting any sleep, quitting smoking, her boyfriend……. Yeah, I was totally on board until that last one. She mentioned him about three times, even telling me that he has the same name that I do. But based on what she was saying and her body language, it seemed like she was totally flirting with me. Even my coworker thought so. And our conversation ended up lasting around 45 minutes, which is probably more than all of our other conversations added together.

To further my theory that she was flirting, she told me about how she was a model on the side for the figure drawing classes at UNCA. She said that all up and down the hall are drawings of her nude. She said that pretty much everyone in the art department has at some point in time drawn her. Her boyfriend, while not an art major, has his department in the same building, so he’s seen the pictures too. I commented that it sounded like things could get pretty awkward. She denied it, but at the same time was turning bright red. I told her I didn’t believe her, because she was blushing just telling me about it. She said she wasn’t, that it was just really hot in here. I was at a pretty comfortable temperature. The high today barely hit 70 degrees, and most of the day it was rainy and way below that. And we had the air conditioning running. So either she’s extremely sensitive to warm temperatures, or she was in fact blushing while telling me about posing nude for her entire department.

There were a few other exchanges that were like that, although none quite as awkward. I got the vibe that the whole time she was trying to put forth the best possible image of herself, like she was trying to impress me or something. She giggled a lot, often stammered, and went off on long tangents that weren’t really related to whatever we had been talking about before. I’m convinced that she showed all the signs of flirting with me. Which makes me wonder why she would go out of her way to mention that she had a boyfriend. Perhaps she’s sizing me up as a potential replacement for whenever they happen to break up? A guy can dream! If that was the case I certainly wouldn’t complain. As I said before, this girl is gorgeous, and she really has a wonderful personality. She seems very intelligent, and we obviously have a lot of common interests. Basically, she’s the kind of girl I could fall for in a heartbeat. She said she wanted to see my art, so I gave her my card, and specifically told her to go like my Facebook page. Ever since then that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about, hoping that at some point in the near future I’ll log on and see that she liked my page and I can add her as a friend and send her a message. Who knows, maybe it will happen. But if nothing ever comes of it, I got in some good quality flirting with an amazing girl, and that’s pretty much its own reward, right?

I’m sure there are other interesting things that have happened recently in my life, but I’m kinda blanking on what they might be. I guess that’s my cue to end this thing already…



Now that I’ve had a little time to gather my thoughts, I figured it was a good time to finally write a concert review…

Anyone who knows me knows that this was easily the most anticipated concert of the year for me. While I’ve slacked off somewhat on Sun Kil Moon, I’m a huge Red House Painters fan. The second I heard that Mark Kozelek was coming to The Grey Eagle I was sold. I bought my ticket a month ago, not willing to risk it selling out. I’ve been listening to the roller coaster album and Ocean Beach almost nonstop for the past week. In retrospect, perhaps I built things up a little too much in my mind. As a whole the show was good, but it’s hard not to be a little disappointed.

The first source of my disappointment came immediately after walking in the door. I was greeted by a sign telling us that the artist has requested there be no photography, video or audio recording, or even cell phone cameras. I’ve never been one of those people who records shows and trades videos and FLAC files, but I do like to snap a few pictures and record a few of my favorite songs, just for my own benefit. Most performers don’t seem to mind that very much; they’re just happy that you came out to the show. So I was a little bummed over that, but I got over it once the show started.

It was clear that this was meant to be an event, more than a concert. It was a seated show, with the lights very dim. Mark Kozelek took the stage, picked up a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, sat on a stool, and went straight to work. It was several songs before he even said a word to the audience, perhaps preferring to let his music do the talking. He opened with a handful of Sun Kil Moon songs, one RHP track, and a few songs I didn’t recognize that might be new. After this initial set of songs he seemed to loosen up a little, talking more and joking around with the audience. He did a few more songs and then brought a friend up to accompany him on a baby grand piano. They played for almost an hour, doing selections from his entire career, along with a brand new song and a song by his pianist’s band. He abruptly ended things and walked off stage, only to return for an encore in which he took requests from several of the audience members.

Mark’s guitar work was both intricate and sublime, something that doesn’t always come across on his recordings. His voice seemingly hasn’t aged a bit, sounding just as sweet and melodic as it did way back in 1992. But the small, quiet, intimate setting kept the spotlight shining brightly on his lyrics – which seems to be what draws most fans to his music in the first place. Of the songs that I wasn’t familiar with, one in particular was extremely moving. Thanks to his no-taping policy and the fact that this song isn’t on any albums, no one really seems to know much about it. The chorus repeats the line “you missed my heart,” amid verses about lost love, addiction, and other pretty bleak themes. I highly recommend searching for “Mark Kozelek” and “you missed my heart.” There is a version on YouTube that is pretty low quality, but the beauty of the song still manages to come across. One can only hope that this song appears on a future release – or at least that someone manages to record a high quality bootleg.

As he loosened up, Mark showed a pretty crazy sense of humor. He commented on an empty seat up front and how it made him sad. A few minutes later a girl from another part of the audience had moved and filled the seat, prompting him to ask for her number and keep a continuous dialog going for the rest of the show. He made many jokes about being old and not being the sex symbol he was in the mid 90’s. Later in the show someone approached the stage and placed a beer at his feet. He proclaimed that he didn’t drink alcohol anymore, but thanks anyway. The audience mostly took this as a joke – the guy did just finish playing a song about heroin addiction – but seeing him with an O’Doul’s after the show makes me think he was being serious. He talked about how Asheville has been hit hard by the recession, joking (I think?) that the last time he was here people actually paid for merchandise with checks.

After the show I was met with my second major disappointment, when I learned that they couldn’t take debit or credit cards for any of the merchandise. Maybe I should have brought my checkbook? I asked the guy at the table if Mark was going to be meeting with people and he said he wasn’t sure. I wandered around for a while until I eventually found a crowd of people gathered, and sure enough, in the center there he was. He didn’t seem particularly interested in talking to most of them, offering short answers and seeming like his head was elsewhere. A girl who I assume he knows personally walked past and waved, and then he quickly broke away from the group to follow her and talk to her alone. She left and he started to walk towards the back and was once again surrounded by people. Again he found a way to break free from the crowd and track down someone else he seemed to know personally. Somehow I managed to get his attention long enough for him to sign the booklet from my copy of the roller coaster CD, which might have been an odd request, considering he only played one song off of it. But alas, it’s one of my favorite albums of the 90’s, so I made sure to bring it for him to sign.

A lot of people might have left this concert with an unflattering picture of Mark – detached, not very friendly, overly quiet and not much of a performer, etc. What I saw was someone very much like myself – an extreme introvert who never really got comfortable with the spotlight and the need to be outgoing and personable night in and night out. The initial set of songs was him warming up and getting used to being on stage. And tuning – he did that after every song. Then as he overcame his inhibitions, he was able to relax and joke around a bit. Having a friend join him on stage made him even more comfortable, to the point of doing an amazing encore of requests (including two from the girl who moved into the empty seat up front, and a beautiful closing version of “Mistress” that sent chills down my spine.) Once he left the stage and got swamped by people, you could see his comfort level quickly eroding, and in typical introvert fashion, he fled the crowds to seek out meaningful conversations with personal friends. I can’t fault the guy for behaving pretty much exactly how I would if I was playing a gig, but I can definitely see how some people might get the wrong impression about the guy. Luckily he is one of the few songwriters who can truly let the songs do the talking. Between his amazingly intricate guitar playing, smooth and soothing vocals, and achingly beautiful lyrics, he could basically do anything he wanted and true fans would still find a lot to love. Overall, it was a slightly disappointing experience, but the positives far outweighed the negatives, so I can’t really complain too much.


Things have still been kinda crazy around here. I’m a little behind on my homework (it feels really weird to say that after all these years) and I’ve been spending entirely too much time hanging out with friends and neighbors. But it’s all good – this whole social life thing might be foreign to me but I have a feeling it’s somewhat healthy.

Last night I hung out with Michelle and this guy who I can only assume is her current love interest. I mentioned how I called Kat and it went straight to voicemail, and she told me that happens to her a lot too, so I shouldn’t take it personally. Evidently Kat is not a “phone person” whatsoever. If you don’t reply to texts and calls from one of your best friends, then I probably shouldn’t expect much more than that.

Someone finally moved into the empty apartment next door. Oddly enough, someone I know. Her name is Katy (how do I manage to meet all these girls with names that are only a few letters different???) and she comes into the art store a lot. She draws cartoons, her stuff is pretty cool. I haven’t met her roommate yet, who I don’t think has moved in, and who hasn’t bothered to get the electric turned on, so she’s been coming over to our place to charge her phone/laptop/make coffee, etc. Fun times.

And tonight is the much-anticipated Mark Kozelek concert. I’m currently cooking dinner and then about to head out. But before I do, here’s another silly drawing I somehow managed to find time to do…



So yeah, that’s about it for now. Off to finish dinner and then go to the concert, woohoo!

Busy busy busy…

Life has been crazy lately. Two jobs, two online classes, actively trying to get my artwork into galleries, three concerts in the span of a week, trying to get caught up on How I Met Your Mother before the new season starts, and still finding time to hang out with my neighbors…

Sleep pretty much hasn’t been an option. And I keep slacking on things I should do, like finish that commission I got forever ago. Or paint on the gigantic canvas and pieces of wood that have been in my living room for over a month. But instead, here I am doodling silly little pictures.

Like this one…..




So yeah… that happened. As a side note, I’m not at all Irish. But I am one-quarter clever on my mom’s side and one-eighth hilarious on my dad’s side. And now it’s time for bed…..


I arrived at the Emerald Lounge a few minutes before 9:00, but evidently they are keeping alive the tradition of starting late, which happens at pretty much every Emerald Lounge show. Things didn’t really get underway until a little after 9:30 when opening act Cory Branan took the stage. I wasn’t familiar with his music at all and didn’t know just what to expect. He proceeded to do the last thing I had expected from someone opening for Maps & Atlases – play a set of songs accompanied by only an acoustic guitar and a thick southern drawl. Evidently he’s friends with the guys from Lucero, and that’s probably a good reference point. His guitar playing would alternate between very intricate fingerpicked arpeggios and him basically banging the shit out of his guitar. His lyrics were quirky and well written and his songs had strong choruses and interesting narratives. At times he would raise his voice and his southern accent would disappear, only to be replaced with a gravely growl that sounded a bit like Shane MacGowen from The Pogues. In between songs he would offer up witty banter, clever observations, and drunken nonsense. For someone who plays a completely different style of music than the headlining band, he was pretty well received by the crowd. I ended up buying his album and talking to him for a bit, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Maps & Atlases wasted no time getting on stage and immediately started their set. I’ve listened to their first album and liked it, but I never actually bought or downloaded it, so I wasn’t terribly familiar with their music – just enough to know that I wanted to check them out live. They play a very technical form of indie rock, with roots in classic math rock, jammy prog rock, and Afropop. To compare them to contemporary bands that might be better known, they sound a bit like a cross between Minus The Bear and Vampire Weekend.

I was constantly blown away by their musicianship – these guys can flat-out play! The lead singer played a semi-hollow body guitar and did a lot of two-handed tapping. Their second guitarist also did some tapping, some slide guitar, some chunky rhythm work, and quite frequently switched off and played an analog synth. On a few songs his backing vocals were run through a vocoder, and on one song he used a sampler to loop his guitar and the singer’s vocals to form the backing track. Their bassist was the epitome of a good bassist, in my mind. He kept a fat and steady low end at all times, even when playing lead parts and runs way into the upper register of his bass. He knew how to lay down a funky groove and really propelled the songs forward. But he also knew when to shut up and take a back seat, letting the guitarists have the spotlight while he thumped out root notes. On one song he played a bass drum and the second guitarist played a snare. On a few other songs he directed the audience on when to clap while he sustained an open note. But the real treat of the night was the drummer. He played extremely technical beats, using everything from mounted bongos to synth pads to wood blocks to a tabletop. He did a lot of polyrhythms, and often used a sampler to loop his own playing and build up layer upon layer of percussion. When he wasn’t being flashy and complicated, he banged the shit out of the drums, often drowning out the rest of the band.

Visually the show was impressive as well. The use of stage lights was well executed and really enhanced things. The drummer’s kit was clear and had yellow and orange lights shining through it. The mounted bass drum that the bass player played on one song was also lit funky shades of yellow and orange. All of the amps were mounted on bizarre triangle-shaped stands, which lit up at different times in several different colors. There were several times where the lights all went down and the band performed parts of songs in complete darkness, which added a vaguely spooky flavor to the show.

All in all, this was a show for thinking musicians and music fans. If you’re impressed by technique, then both of these artists would have blown you away. But they both also know that the song itself is key, and neither band fell prey to pointless noodling. No matter how long Maps & Atlases jammed on a riff, soloed, or inserted random bits of other songs, they always came back to strong melodies and solid choruses. No matter how intricate Cory Branan’s guitar playing got, it was always in the service of the unique stories he told with his songs. These are two artists who don’t shy away from technical ability, but rather use it as a vehicle for constructing great songs. In a musical landscape of technically proficient musicians with boring songs and great songwriters who can barely tune their instruments, it’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there who know how to combine great playing with great songwriting.


Updates on The Shit Test

As some of you might remember from my previous blog, I’ve decided to go The Shit Test with my love life. What is The Shit Test, you ask? That’s when you throw a bunch of shit against the wall and see what sticks.

The other night I was talking to my friend Lucie on Facebook, and we talked about getting together. She goes to Western, which is about an hour’s drive from me. When I was at work yesterday she texted me and asked if I was serious about coming up there. I was having a somewhat crappy day, so I figured why not. I was working until 8:00 and she had a night class that didn’t get out until 9:00, so we both knew this would be a late night. And of course the universe decided it should pour rain, which always seems to happen when we hang out.

It was about 9:30 when I finally got there, soaking wet. We took her roommate to campus so she could do some laundry and we got pizza. After that we came back and watched a movie on her laptop until her roommate was finished with her laundry and we had to go pick her up. After that we just kinda sat around talking, mostly randomness. Around 2:30 we were both about to fall asleep, but I didn’t bring anything, so I decided to drive home. It was close to 4:00 when I got home, and I wound up sleeping until around 1:30 this afternoon.

For the most part it was a pretty uneventful evening – two friends goofing off, cursing the rain, watching Stepbrothers, eating pizza, etc. But in a way, it was a lot more. Ever since that night last week when she told me that she really liked me when we first met, I’ve been questioning things. Is it better to go with the sure thing, even if you’re not sure you still want it? Or do you continue to pursue the unknown, which you think you want? Last night was a lot of fun, but that’s about all it was. I didn’t feel any sparks, I didn’t feel any urge to push things further. I realized that she’s a great friend, but that’s more than likely all we’re meant to be. And I’m perfectly fine with that. In fact, it actually feels pretty good knowing that. I’m assuming she feels the same way, because she didn’t try to push things either. We’re better off this way, we make pretty awesome friends.

Today, after my epic sleep, I went to the store and the laundromat. I bumped into a former roommate at the laundromat and we got caught up, it was kinda cool. Then while my clothes were washing I decided to finally quit being a pussy and call Kat. There’s a concert on Thursday that I’m probably going to, and I’ve toyed around with the idea of inviting her. I wasn’t sure she’d pick up, I feel like she’s kept her distance and I’m not sure how to read that. But lo and behold, she did pick up. She was out with her friends, so we didn’t talk for long, but it was a pretty good chat. She said no to the concert, too short notice. But she was very warm and friendly, it felt like she genuinely missed talking to me. She’s going out of town this weekend so she’s been working almost every day. I told her to let me know when she was free and we would figure something out. I’ll probably call her early next week and see what her schedule is like. I’m realizing actually calling is better with her than texting. But yeah, hopefully we’ll be able to get together again soon.

So yeah. I got some questions answered. Something didn’t stick. The jury is still out on the rest. I think I have a clearer idea what I want and how to go about it. And I guess that’s about it.


This post also has no title

And now it’s time for another update from The Wide World Of Dating…

I still haven’t gotten my second date with Kat. I had planned on asking her to go to the Mountain State Fair this week, but that plan was dead on arrival. Evidently she’s working every day this week and is trying to get caught back up with school so she said perhaps next week. I’m getting the vibe that her definition of “slow” is much slower than I had anticipated, so I’m just gonna back up a little and give her some space. I’ll probably call her sometime next week and see if life has calmed down or not. I hope I’m not wasting my time here, but in the event I am I’ll keep my options open (with her being the preferred option of course.)

The other day a girl I know named Andrea came into the art store. I know her mom and the last time I saw her she asked if we were hiring. I told her to tell Andrea to come put in a resume, so she did. We chatted a little, and after about three years of having a crush on her, I finally got her number. She said she’s having a party soon with some of her coworkers from her current job. She said she’d let me know when it was, and made it a point to tell me that her coworkers were cute. This leads me to believe either she’s still with the same guy she was last time I saw her and she’s trying to politely resist any advances I might make, or she doesn’t realize that I’ve had a thing for her and is simply seeing me as someone she could fix up one of her lonely friends with. But seeing as I’m keeping my options open, there are many possible scenarios that could come from this. None of which I would likely complain about.

Earlier today I was talking with my friend Lucie, who was going to the fair with some friends and invited me. Of course by the time I had gotten off work it looked like it was going to storm, so they decided to go downtown instead. We met up and roamed around for a while, eventually going to Burgerworx so I could get a chicken sandwich. Her friends were pretty cool, but the only one who was single is a super religious good girl, so yeah. When Lucie got home she texted me. Evidently one of her friends thought we were together, and when she explained that we were just friends, she said that we should be together. Her friend said we obviously had good chemistry, and we looked cute together. This started a round of Full Disclosure. When I first met her I was really into her, but I thought she wasn’t interested so I backed off. Apparently she felt the exact same way and backed off herself at around the same time. Of course now  things are complicated by the fact that she just got out of a relationship and has a huge crush on her friend, and I have a huge crush on someone whom I might be wasting my time on. We agreed that things might be too weird at the moment, but that we definitely should hang out more often.

When I got home I finally got around to cleaning the tub, then jammed on a few songs and started writing this blog. Oh joy!


…..but I really don’t feel like it. I’ve felt rather blah today and I don’t want to dwell on things. So instead, how about a picture?

I got the idea to use my junk mail in a creative fashion, rather than just tossing it in the recycling bin. The other day I got something from the Romney campaign (why???) and something about a biblical prophecy seminar. I thought this gag was too good to pass up…..


Now if I can only think of something to do with all the rest of my junk mail…..


Grandparents Day

Let’s do something a little different. Let’s have a bit of a heart-to-heart here. Tomorrow is Grandparents Day. As some of you might know, I no longer have any grandparents, having lost three in the span of ten months. I didn’t get a chance to see any of them before they died; I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

The cynic in me feels that Grandparents Day is just another Hallmark holiday, designed to sell greeting cards and flowers and diabetic chocolate and dashboard statues of The Virgin Mary. But speaking as someone who is coming from a place of loss, I know it’s much more than that.

If you still have grandparents, treasure them. When they speak, you shut your damn mouth and listen, for they know more than you do. When you’re not sure what to do in a situation, ask them, for they’ve experienced more than you have. Indeed, they have lived more than you have. They have forgotten more about this life than you can ever hope to know. Sure, you might think that they’re senile and cranky and out of touch – but they’ve earned their right to be all of those things and more!

The downside of having lived a long life is that it could end at any time. No matter how much time you have with your grandparents, it’s never really enough. A grandparent isn’t like a dog; when they’re gone you can’t just get a new one. They’re the only ones you’ll ever have, and you’d better make damn sure they know how grateful you are for that fact. In your words and your actions, constantly show them that you love them and appreciate everything they are to you and your family, for you never know when the day will come that they won’t be there. Grandparents Day gets lost in the shuffle, but you need to tell your grandparents how you feel, because there might not be another birthday or Christmas to tell them you love them.

This isn’t a chain letter. If you copy this and send it to twenty people your rich uncle in the UK won’t fly you over and let you stay in his mansion. And if you don’t tell your grandparents you love them, pretty much nothing will change, life will go on as always. But you know what will happen if you do? Your life will be FUCKING AWESOME because they will know how much you cherish them being a part of it! So get up off your ungrateful ass and hug a grandparent today!

Poppy, Nanny, Grandpa, and Grandma – I miss you all.


A MUCH better day

Today started off kinda blah and filled with trepidation. I still hadn’t heard from Kat, so now I was wondering why. Did I do something wrong? Was she avoiding me? Was she not the person I thought she was? Or maybe something had happened? Was she okay? Would I hear from her at all? Were we still on for tonight?

I did my best to not think about it at work. I tried to stay positive and distract myself with other things. Then on my lunch break I called her and it went straight to voicemail. I came back to work with my head hung low and didn’t expect much to change. Another case of a girl screwing me over for no apparent reason. I would survive, God knows it’s happened enough by now that I’m used to it. Oh well.

Then about an hour later my phone starts ringing and it’s her. Turns out all of my fears were unwarranted – she had left her phone in her friend’s car the other night and couldn’t find it until today. She apologized profusely and assured me that we were still on. The new plan was to meet outside by the big statue of an iron and figure out where to go to dinner. While I was standing in front of True Blue talking to her I glanced down and saw something shiny. I bend over to pick it up and realize it’s a necklace charm of Mario in the raccoon suit. Sweet!!! So anyways, we decided on Jerusalem Garden, and then after that we went to The One Stop and I showed her my artwork and we had some drinks.

Jerusalem Garden was pretty good. We ended up sitting in the back on one of the low tables, and with it being Friday there was a belly dancer. I splurged and got lamb shawarma; she got the chicken kabob. We talked about everything from food to culture to world travel to politics, and nothing seemed forced or awkward. I feel like I can really talk to her and totally be myself without worrying what her reaction will be. She seemed to feel the same way, and everything flowed very naturally.

Back at The One Stop I gave her the whole guided tour, explaining a few of my paintings and answering some questions. She said she really liked my stuff, and that she has some friends back home who would probably like it too, so she might wind up buying them prints for Christmas presents. Definitely not going to complain there! I need all the sales I can get. Hell, I’d even throw in the I Have A Total Crush On You discount.

She got a phone call from her roommate, who was downtown and needed a ride home. She said she would come join us in a little while. In the meantime we got drinks and talked some more, this time about everything from music to Film Noir to roommates to relationships. Again, everything felt totally natural. Her roommate finally showed up, but mostly kept to herself – partly because she was busy making paper cranes and, I think, partly because she just wanted to stay out of our way and let us do our thing. As the night went on we both reached out and chatted with her so she wouldn’t feel like the third wheel, but she seemed completely fine with it. She strikes me as a really sweet person, so I definitely don’t mind if she hangs out with us from time to time.

Before we left I snagged a beer coaster for a beer called He’Brew, mostly because it made me laugh. We walked to the parking garage, her roommate stopping every few yards to place a paper crane in some unusual spot, like the seat of a motorcycle. We had some random conversation about all the construction they’re doing and then we reached her car. I told her that I pretty much suck at figuring out the tempo of these sorts of things. She said slow was good. With that in mind I didn’t attempt a kiss, but I made damn sure I got my hug. I told her that I would like to get together again soon. She said she had a lovely time and agreed that we should. I walked to my car, drove home, chatted with my roommate and Joshua for a bit, and started blogging.  Now it’s time to veg out a little and then get some sleep. Thus concludes my much better day.