Yesterday was a loooooong day at work. I walked home, exhausted and ready to collapse. But somewhere along the way I got a little sidetracked and had some adventures instead.

When I first got home, my neighbor Angela was sitting on her front porch with her crazy little dog Izzy. For some reason this dog hates all men, but loves me. She was feeling playful and ran around barking at me to chase her, so chase her I did. Then my neighbor Crystal started walking our way with her seven-year-old daughter Phoenix. She wanted to play frisbee, so play frisbee we did. Other neighbors started to gather round, until we had a rather large group hanging out and chatting.

The apartment complex management sent out a letter to everyone with some ridiculous demands, including (but not limited to): no chairs or other personal belongings are to be left on porches, no curtains or other coverings over windows, and no charcoal grills, period. We decided to form a neighborhood association, not so much to protest and demand, but to open up a dialog with management and show them why we think their demands are unreasonable. Hopefully we can accomplish something and keep this complex a community where people will want to live. We’ll see.

Midway through our neighborhood discussion Angela’s banjo-playing friend came over and a jam session sprung into life. A little while later my neighbor Michelle pulled into the parking lot. She came down to join us and almost instantly said, “Hey Chris, guess what? Kat is coming over!” Kat is her cute friend I met a few weeks ago and hit it off with. About an hour later she finally showed up and joined our little group. Trying not to seem creepy and obsessive, I slowly made my way towards her, using Michelle’s dulcimer playing as an excuse to sit in between the two of them. Eventually Michelle decided to retire her dulcimer and get another beer, conveniently leaving Kat and I alone. We started chatting and things pretty much went the same way as they did the last time, with the two of us basically tuning out the rest of the group.

Somehow we started talking about ringtones, and I stated that mine were the best. (My ringtone for incoming calls is Fascination Street by The Cure and my text tone is the power-up sound from Super Mario Brothers.) Kat wanted to hear my ringtone, and before I could pull it up under my phone settings she was calling me. She apologized for being creepy, but I didn’t find it creepy at all. I promptly saved her number. Turns out she got my number from Michelle last week.

Around 12:30 Michelle and my neighbor Ty (whom she has a ridiculous crush on) decided they wanted to get stoned and watch a movie. After I bragged about the size of my DVD collection everyone came over to my place and started digging. They decided on Coraline, and since I don’t smoke pot we decided to watch it over at Michelle’s place. Her and Ty took the couch, Kat went straight for the floor, and I sat down next to her. Michelle and Ty lit up the bong and less than half an hour into the movie they were giggly and distracted and Kat was sound asleep on the floor. She had worked a double shift and was exhausted, so I can’t really blame her. For some odd reason they decided to finish the movie at some point in the future and instead go play with Michelle’s tarantula.

I started to get really sleepy myself and decided to go home. I got ready for bed, but as soon as I got in the bed I was wired and couldn’t sleep. I’m not gonna lie, I was mostly thinking about Kat and the chance that this could actually turn into something. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, who knows. Today at work I texted her and we chatted for a little while. I’m hoping we can get together soon and see what might happen. But in the meantime I’m the one who is exhausted, after a night of almost no sleep. I need to make it a point to get to bed at a decent time tonight…